ViTrox Technologies, aims to be the world’s most trusted vision inspection solutions provider to the Semiconductor and SMT PCB Assembly industries, is pleased to present the latest edition of Tray-based Vision Series - TH1000SEi Tray-to-tray vision handler. TH1000SEi is a user-friendly model designed that allows you to enjoy high-speed tray to tray inspection capabilities while improving cost efficiency.

TH1000SEi will be your first choice to fulfil all the stringent inspection requirements of today’s advanced integrated circuit (IC) packaging market. This special edition of the Tray-to-tray vision handler features the world's most cutting-edge vision technologies for various IC package sizes ranging from 3mm x 3mm to 40mm x 40mm with no conversion needed on its vision module for the 6-sided inspection.

With an auto-pitching mechanism, TH1000SEi allows you to enjoy speedy and reliable nozzle pitch conversion time with its fourteen (14) pick-up nozzles. Having fourteen (14) pick up nozzles optimizes the machine throughput up to 33,000 units per hour (UPH). Additionally, the warpage clamper flattens unbalanced trays during the process. With this user-friendly and simple operating model, you can enjoy the highest performance in your precise production environment.

Besides, TH1000SEi is designed with various innovative vision technologies to provide high speed, high accuracy, and one-stop vision inspection solutions. Our TH1000SEi supports leaded packages inspection, ball packages inspection, and leadless packages inspection, suitable for BGA, QFP, QFN, CSP, TSSOP, MSOP, SOP, etc. Apart from all these attractive features, we offer additional inspection capabilities add-ons such as 2D barcode inspection, mark inspection, package vision inspection, passive component inspection, top colour inspection, etc.

Apart from these features, TH1000SEi is also upgradeable with the tape module for more high speed tray to tape and reel inspection capabilities. Ultimately, the TH1000SEi maximises inspection capabilities, allowing you to achieve maximum machine throughput cost-effectively.

For more exclusive details on the Tray-based Vision Handler series or TH1000SEi, contact our experts at for further assistance.