Adoption of the newly developed and highly rigid V1 bond to realize stable processing under high load conditions
Electroformed bond
Applications: Silicon wafer, Compound semiconductor wafers (GaAs, GaP, etc.), Oxide wafers (LiTaO3, etc.), etc

The ZH14 series provides improved blade rigidity to realize stable processing without slanted cutting even under high load conditions, which includes processing applications requiring high speed, deep cutting, and long blade exposure. In addition, for narrow street and high revolution speed processing, improvements in the blade breakage speed limit* and wavy cutting can be expected.

*The maximum cutting speed before blade breakage occurs.

Reduction in wavy cutting and blade wear under high load conditions.
Suited for applications which require long blade exposure, such as bump wafer processing
Improvements in product quality through increased revolution speed

Experimental Data
Processing quality comparison
Compared to existing blades, it can be seen that the ZH14 series can process with less slanted and wavy cutting.

* For this evaluation, a thin blade with long blade exposure was fabricated to simulate conditions where processing defects are likely to occur.

Workpiece    Si (thickness: 2 mm)
Depth    1 mm
Feed speed    110 mm/s
Spindle revolution    30,000 min-1
Blade    SD2000-**-50
Kerf    25 µm
Exposure    1.28 mm
Blade breakage speed limit comparison data
In a test to measure the blade breakage speed limit as the processing speed is increased, it was observed that the breakage speed limit was improved by approximately 20% compared to existing blades.

Workpiece    Φ8” Si
Depth    725 μm (full cut)
Blade    SD3500-**-70 ED
Spindle revolution    35,000 min-1

Electroformed Bond Hub Blades
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Always USE water or coolant to prevent precision tooling damage.