SMART Modular Technologies operates in the market of semiconductor memory components, memory modules, solid state drives (SSD’s) and wireless communication modules for the Internet of Things. Developing high-tech solutions and innovative products, from the design phase to manufacturing, with full support to its customers, the company offers an up to date and comprehensive product portfolio, which meets the most demanding markets and quality standards.

As a subsidiary of SMART Global Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SGH) and in the country for nearly 20 years, SMART is pioneer and absolute leader in the production of DRAM and Flash memory integrated circuits and memory modules in Brazil. SMART has an industrial park located in Atibaia/SP and Manaus/AM, with clean rooms and assembly lines at the highest levels of automation and robotization, based on M2M (machine-to-machine) communication and the latest engineering and process management concepts. The use of extremely high precision machines and equipment in all its production stages allows the company to offer state-of-the-art technology products, which are widely used in electronic and computer equipment, such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktops, servers and smart TVs, with unrivaled performance and competitive costs.

Research and development of new technologies, products and production processes are also differentials of SMART, which has highly sophisticated laboratory structure for failure analysis and technical compliance testing for each new product developed, in addition to a prototyping and testing laboratory of unprecedented semiconductor components in Latin America, implemented in partnership with the Instituto Eldorado, in Campinas/SP.

The products offered to the market by SMART Modular Technologies are qualified by all the largest and most relevant global technology companies and meet all the quality and reliability requirements internationally demanded by the high-tech industry.