Memory (13)

Midastek Microeletronics Inc

 , TW Manufacturer
Fabless IC design company. Intelligent fan/motor controller IC.

Anhui YOFC Advanced Semiconductor Company/ YASC

 , CN Manufacturer
SiC power semiconductor products. We can produce 60,000 pieces of 6-inch SiC MOSFET or SBD epitaxy and wafers, 6.4 million power modules, and 18 million power single tubes annually.


 , CN Manufacturer
Intelligent digital signal processing series chip, RF multifunction chip, High-performance RF frequency synthesizer series chips


 , CN Manufacturer
Millimeter-wave radar chips and micro-systems product,


 , CN Manufacturer
silicon process microwave integrated circuit based on SiGe, SOI and CMOS.

Chengdu SiCore Semiconductor Co., Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Development, production and sales of RF/microwave integrated circuit chips, components and system solutions.


 , US Manufacturer
Superconductor integrated circuits (ICs)

Crocus Nano Electronics Ltd

 , RU Manufacturer
Production of memory and sensors based on magnetic tunnel structures with 90/65 nanometers nodes on 300mm wafers.

GalaxyCore Shanghai Limited Corporation

 , CN Manufacturer
Design company for CMOS Image Sensor and Display Driver IC

Zhejiang Hikstor Technology Co., Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Memory chips and semiconductor chips for the Internet of Things, Zhichuan terminals, industrial control and automotive electronics.

Cardea Bio Inc.

 , US Manufacturer
BPU™ - a Biosignal Processing Unit

pSemi Inc

 , US Manufacturer
RF and Power Management Components and Modules

PragmatIC Semiconductor Limited

 , GB Manufacturer
Flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) are thinner than a human hair and can be invisibly embedded in objects, enabling innovators to create novel solutions to everyday problems that are not practical with conventional electronics.

United Monolithic Semiconductors, UMS

 , DE Manufacturer
RF MMIC products and foundry services for specialised markets, including Defence and Space, telecommmunications, automotive radar and industrial sensors.

Wingtech Technology

 , CN Manufacturer
Semiconductor IDM, imaging module and communication product integration.

MaxLinear Corporation

 , US Manufacturer
IDM semiconductor company

Inphotec S.r.l.

 , IT Custom Manufacturer
INPHOTEC makes available six technological platforms: Graphene Integrated Photonics, Silicon Photonics, Glass on Silicon, Hybrid Integration, LiNbO3 on Insulator (LNOI), Advanced Packaging.

IC Chip Cooling Technologies, Inc.

 , US Manufacturer
LM-Lid, which perfectly resolves the TIM1 issue when cooling IC chips in lidded flip chip packages

Power Integrations, Inc

 , US Manufacturer
Electronic components used in high-voltage power conversion.