Crocus Nanoelectronics is the only Russian company engaged in the development and BEOL production (implements a full cycle of technological operations at the final stage of production, back end of line) of electronic components on 300 mm silicon wafers with design standards of 90/55 nm. The company is also able to offer potential customers engineering services and factory services for applying magnetic layers on a wafer, as well as products based on innovative types of non-volatile memory.

The company is a technological leader in Russia in the field of production and development of modern types of non-volatile memory using MRAM (Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory) and RRAM (Resistive RAM) technologies. The company's catalog includes RFID and microcontrollers, bioelectronic chips, MRAM and RRAM memory chips (embedded and freestanding memory), magnetic sensors for industrial electronics, communications equipment, automotive and consumer electronics. The enterprise with modern equipment, advanced technologies and capabilities also provides BEOL contract manufacturing services on 300mm wafers and process development.
The company's partners are such major technology companies and manufacturers as: IBM (USA), SMIC (China), Tower Semiconductors (Israel, Japan), HLMC (China), Adesto Technologies (USA).
To date, the production capacity of the enterprise is up to 4 thousand plates per month. The total area of industrial premises is 6900m2.