Topway Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a chip research and development and application company oriented to the field of radar and communication. Its predecessor was a key department of a subordinate unit of the Aerospace Science and Industry Group. The company is a high-tech enterprise established by the group to further accelerate its integration with the market, adapt to the needs of enterprise industrialization reform, and make full use of the group's internal and external resource advantages. Relying on its rich technology accumulation and strong chip research and development capabilities, the company has launched a variety of chip products, has the ability to provide system-level solutions, and has achieved multiple breakthroughs and innovations. The products have reached the leading domestic level in many fields.


Towei Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has established R&D centers in Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai. It has a highly educated and professional talent team with a staff of more than 70 people. Among them, the backbone technicians include 13 doctors and 44 masters, accounting for more than 80%. The team won the honorary title of "Advanced Collective of Central Enterprises" in September 2019. At present, it has applied for 36 patents and applied for and participated in 20 major projects.