In order to integrate customer needs, Nanmat provides the following products and services

* CVD/ALD Precursors
* Liquid Delivery System
* Precursors' Filter
* Liquid Level Detecting System
* Customized service for material development and canister design
* Valve Cleaning and Reclamation

* Metal Coatings 

* Anti-corrosive sealants 

* Plating and coating service 


CVD/ALD Precursors

Professional research and manufacturing of various advanced CVD/ALD (Chemical Vapor Deposition /Atomic Layer Deposition) materials. It is one of the few in the world that can provide integration from the front end (synthesis, purification, analysis) process to the back end (filling, packaging, container manufacturing, and technology service) high tech advanced materials company which includes the most advanced high k and low k dielectrics materials, and customizes synthesis, purification and packaging to improve process quality yields.


Dielectrics PMD / IMD


Low K Dielectrics



High K Dielectrics

• TAETO (Ta2O5 Precursor )
• TEMAH / HfCl4 (ALD HfO2 Precursor )
• TEMAZ (ALD ZrO2 Precursor)
• TMA (Al2O3 Precursor)


Metal Gate and Interconnect Metal

• TDMAT ( TiN Precursor ) 
• TiCl4 ( Ti /TiN Precursor ) 
• PDMAT ( TaN Precursor) 
• CCTBA (Co Precursor ) 
• TMA ( Al Precursor )

Low-Temp Nitride / Oxide



• Trans DCE

SAM Coating

• FDTS / BTCSE / DI Water


Metal Coatings 

NanoMate® metal coatings provide high rust resistance, high brightness, high color transparency, anti-fingerprint, scratch resistance and other characteristics. It can be used as a top coat with anodized treatment or directly coat on the substrate and has more metallic texture than powder coating.

Nanomate® metal coatings can be applied to different pretreatment methods, such as sandblasting, vibration grinding, or metal electroplating, to enhance the anti-rust properties and present metallic luster, making the product more valuable.

Product Features

Eco-friendly: comply with EU RoHS/WEEE/EVL/REACH regulations

Extremely strong chemical bonding: excellent corrosion resistance

Ultra-thin coating: can keep metallic luster

Customized color and brightness


Anti-corrosive sealants 

  • 1000 hours anti-rust and collision resistance

Nanomate® sealant can provide 1000 hours of high salt spray performance. As combined with the trivalent chromium zinc plating process can offer excellent rust resistance for galvanized fasteners. Even after the collision caused by the classification and packaging, the fasteners still retain excellent anti-rust performance. 

  • Black high-brightness appearance

Nanomate® black sealant protective film, comparable to the high-brightness appearance of ED Coating.

Product Features

Eco-friendly: comply with EU RoHS/WEEE/EVL/REACH regulations

Strong chemical bonding: Salt Spray performance can pass 1000 hours without red rust

Ultra-thin coating: reduce the measurement tolerance of fastener inspection tools and reduce residue problems

Low consumption: reduce the cost of sealant coating


Valve & Pipeline Clean

NANMAT also provides valve and pipeline cleaning services. NANMAT provides high purification solvent to customers to get a thorough tube cleaning, helping to shorten the PM downtime (from 96 to 8 hours). Regardless of TEOS, TEPO, TEB, or TDMAT equipment, NANMAT successfully helps with customers’ CoC (cost of consumable) reduction, without affecting the manufacturing yield rate.



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