Aymont Technology is the leading supplier of crystal growth equipment with a commercial process for silicon carbide and similar materials. Founded in 2006, our facilities are located in 15,000 sq. ft. (1,400 square meters) in the Tech Valley region north of Albany, New York, about midway between New York City and Montreal, Quebec. We give our customers better solutions through better materials!

Aymont makes and sells high-quality, turnkey systems for 100-200mm 4H-SiC single crystal growth. Our technology is based upon over a decade of development. We have demonstrated device-quality growth processes for single-crystal boules on our systems at customers’ sites. We serve as partners to our customers by providing the highest quality support. We endeavor to enable our customers to become first-tier suppliers of silicon carbide semiconductor wafers.

Induction Heated Furnace
for Silicon Carbide with Process Technology

•  Fully automated, turnkey furnace with processes available for maximum productivity

•  The growth process begins with push button loading starts automated process

•  The growth process can also be operated in manual mode for R&D purposes

•  Two Models:        

               o SP-100: 100mm

               o SP-150: 150-200mm

•  SP-150 is the first 200mm (8”) capable furnace sold commercially

•  Coil movement during growth as low as 20μm per step

•  Base pressure of 10-7 mbar for the best purity, repeatability and quality

•  User-friendly proprietary Aymont automated PLC control with recipes, color touch    screen and safety interlocks/alarms

•  Crucible rotation at 0.5 to 20 RPM for maximum uniformity and repeatability

•  Process can be operated using simple or complex power control, or temperature    control using two-color pyrometers

•  Device-quality and thick crystals with optional process demonstration

Source Material
Ultra-high purity

Ultra-high purity silicon carbide (SiC) formed by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is offered as source material for silicon carbide crystal growth by physical vapor transport (PVT). In PVT, source material is loaded into crucibles and sublimed onto a seed crystal. High purity source is required to make high-quality SiC crystals. Aymont offers large particle size SiC specifically for PVT because it has higher density than small-grained material formed by spontaneous combustion of Si and C-containing gases. Unlike solid-phase sintering or reaction of Si and C, it does not require dedicated furnaces for sintering, or require a time-consuming sintering step in the growth furnace. This large particle size material gives a near-constant evaporation rate, thereby improving run-to-run uniformity.


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