Our company was established in Hong Kong in 2004, with office located in Xiamen City. We are a China-based professional producer of a broad range of non-ferrous metal products, specializing in sputtering targets, nanometer materials and vaporized plating materials. We are an ISO9001 certificated company with advanced equipment and professional staff.

We have following products:

1. Metal Targets Ni targets, Ti targets, Cr targets, Al targets, Zr targets, Ta targets, Ge targets, Ag targets, Au targets, Mo targets, W targets, etc.

2. Ceramic TargetsMono Crystalline Silicon, Poly Crystalline Silicon, US targets, ITO targets, AZO targets, Alumina targets, Zinc Oxide targets, Silicon Dioxide targets, Zirconia targets, Niobium Oxide targets, Titanium Oxide targets, Tantalum Pentoxide targets, etc.

3. Alloy TargetsAlSi Alloy, NiCr Alloy, TiAl Alloy, CrAl Alloy, ZnSn Alloy, NiFe Alloy, TiW Alloy, etc.

4. Vacuum Coating Materials (Power & Granule)TiO2, SnO2, MgF2, SiO2, ITO, ATO, AZO, Aluminium wire, Tungsten wire, Tantalum Wire

5. Crystal & WaferCu Single Crystal, Al Single Crystal, Ni Single Crystal, Cu Poly Crystal, Ni Poly Crystal, Ti Poly Crystal, etc.Si Wafer, Ge Wafer, Si-Ge Wafer, Si+SiO2 Wafer, GaAs Wafer, GaP Wafer

6. Indium ProductsIndium Powder, Indium Ingots, Indium Wire, Indium Balls, Indium Foils, Iridium Wire

7. Metal GalliumGallium Metal, 99.9986%8. Metal Germanium Germanium Ingots, 99.999%

We take "Customer First, Quality First, Service First" as the mind. We will do our utmost to ensure quality and delivery for all our deals in the contract. We cannot guarantee the possibility of any defect and dispute, but when it actually happens, we will treat it fully in accordance with general practice of international trade and facts, and will not escape from our responsibility. Of course, we have been serving our customers with Quick response to every enquiry, Reasonable but competitive price, Stable quality and reliable quality control, On-time delivery and post-sales service.You are welcome to work with us on a mutual beneficial basis, to share the abundant business opportunities created by the booming Chinese economy and the comparatively low-cost of raw materials and labors. You will find your choice with us is a right choice.


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2608, Hualong Building, No. 6, Hubin East Road, , Fujian, Xiamen, China

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