Sumitomo Electric Co., Ltd

 Osaka, JP Manufacturer
Manufacturer of heatspreader materials, high purity powders, components for semiconductor equipment


 , US Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer,  Distributor
Manufacturer of silicon, sapphire, compound wafers, SOI wafers.

Sumitomo Electric Semiconductor Materials Inc, SESMI

 , US Manufacturer,  Finishing Service Company
At our production facility, we perform final processing and inspection of GaAs (gallium arsenide) substrates. SESMI is also responsible for the sales of GaAs substrates, along with substrates made from InP (indium phosphide) and GaN (gallium nitride)

CrysTec GmbH Kristalltechnologie

 , DE Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer,  Distributor
Wafer and substrates of semiconducting materials (Si, Ge, GaAs etc), Oxide wafers and substrates (SrTiO3, Al2O3, LaAlO3), Custom-made crystal processing (oriented cutting, formating, shaping, polishing)

UniversityWafer, Inc

 , US Distributor
We supply semiconductor silicon wafers and other semiconductor wafers, materials and services in small and large quantities.

CMK, s.r.o.

 , SK Manufacturer
Polycrystalline and monocrystalline GaAs materials – ingots and wafers, metallic Gallium up to 7N purity suitable for production of Ga compound materials for semiconductor industry and B2O3 pellets for many crystals growing processes.


 , GB Manufacturer,  Service Company
RF and Photonics epiwafers. GaAs InP InAs InSb GaSb CZT Substrates. Nanoimprint services.


 , JP Manufacturer
GaN epiwafers, AlN templates, GaAs wafers and high purity metals.


 , CN Manufacturer,  Distributor
Sapphire, InP and other wafer polishing company

Freiberger Compound Materials GmbH

 , DE Manufacturer
LEC or VGF grown GaAs wafer manufacturer

GRINM Electro-optic Materials Co., Ltd. (GRIEOM)

 , CN Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
Manufacturer of large-diameter infrared germanium monocrystal material, HB-GaAs, GaP, low dislocation germanium monocrystal, and VGF-GaAs monocrystal.

Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd (PAM-XIAMEN)

 , CN Manufacturer,  Distributor
Manufacturer and distributor of semiconductor wafers

Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation

 , CN Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer,  Distributor
High Purity Elements & Compounds, Silicon Crystal & Compound Semiconductors, Chem-Metals & Rare Earth Material and Advanced Material & Metal Compounds.

Vital Materials Co., Limited

 , CN Manufacturer
Manufacturer of selenium and tellurium products as well as being a key producer of gallium, indium, germanium, bismuth, and cadmium products for diverse end markets and hi-tech applications including semiconductors.

Wafer Technology, Inc

 , GB Manufacturer
U.K. based producer of III-V materials and epitaxy-ready substrates.

AXT, Inc

 , US Manufacturer
Manufactures and distributes high-performance compound semiconductor substrates


 , US Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
Manufacturer of wafers for semiconductor, optics, MEMS and solar applications. Products include silicon, float zone, silicon on insulator and MEMS wafers. Customization options are also available.

Wafer World Inc.

 , US Manufacturer
Manufacturer of silicon, GaAs, InP, sapphire, germanium wafers. GaAs, InP reclaim service.