-elemental semiconductors
 (Si, Ge) and 
 semiconducting compounds
 (e.g. GaAs, GaP, InP, InSb,
 CdTe, ZnSe ...)

-standard wafer and pre- formated substrates direct from stock, also in single pieces
-special shaped crystals and non-standard properties on request

Substrates for HTc-superconductors

SrTiO3, MgO, LaAlO3, Al2O3, NdGaO3, Y:ZrO2, Bi-crystalls...

Substrates for GaN

Al2O3, LiAlO2, LiGaO2, SiC, ZnO...

   Al2O3 - Sapphire
       MgAl2O4 - Spinel
       TiO2 - Rutile
       Y:ZrO2 - YSZ

Likewise in our program:

- SiC (6H + 4H), TiO2,...

- SiO2, ceramics,...

- high pure elements