Accurus Scientific Co. LTD, is a company that one group of scientists, engineers andenterprisers believe it has a good prospect for IC Packages and Electric Make-up.
Our development group has already got the peculiar technology of Solder Sphere andstarted to produce it all day at Taiwan Tainan from Jan. 1999.
Our group has knowledge and experienced, including the professional of metal process, material science, auto-control, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. We will study new product according to the development of IC Packages and Electric Make-up.

Accurus Scientific Co. LTD gets more experiences and grows up after 10years, we have provided Soldering product and also develop versatile product for electronics industry market. Our goal is including product quality and customer services continually. Accurus Scientific has the determination to operate brand at long time and provide the excellent product for global customer. Our group uses their accumulated development ability and provides the solution for versatile soldering make-up all the time. We got certification from international companies and all companies can use our product smoothly.

We are setting up the complete global supply system (Just In Time) continually. Except main plant is at Taiwan, we will also spread the selling spots at global and provide customer the best product and service at the shortest time.

With RoHS era is coming, Accurus Scientific is ready to provide versatile RoHS product and getting the patent authorization for all kids of materials. It can let customer easy and quickly to get the RoHS product throughus. With electronics technology changing, we still always improve our process for increase efficiency, capacity and reduce production cost. Per it, we could provide more competitive product and service and create a win-win situation with customer.



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