GRINM Electro-optic Materials Co., Ltd. (GRIEOM), a subsidiary company of General Research Institute for Non-ferrous Metals (GRINM), is specialized in manufacturing sophisticated photoelectric materials. The company is the result of the merger between Beijing Guojing Infrared Optical Technology Co., Ltd. and Guorui Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. in 2010. It is a Hi-Tech enterprise, located in Langfang ETDZ, Hebei Province.

Its origins can be traced back to 1956, germanium and compound semiconductor labs. Over the last 60 years, with support from GRINM, GRIEOM has produced large-diameter infrared germanium monocrystal material, HB-GaAs, GaP, low dislocation germanium monocrystal, and VGF-GaAs monocrystal and so on.

GRIEOM has built a production line of optical grade germanium monocrystal, which boasts an annual production capacity of 30 tons, with the diameter over 350mm. And constructed the production line of HB-GaAs with an annual production capacity of 600,000pcs. Also, the production line of optical processing, which can provide the polishing and coating products with Ge/Si and other infrared materials. The products are widely used in infrared thermal imaging, LED display and sensing, solar photovoltaic and laser processing and other fields.

GRIEOM has a group of professionals in the field of research and development, which committed to the R&D of new optoelectronic materials and the improvement of technology, also can provide adequate technical support to customers. Established the quality management and environmental protection system, can provide stable and reliable products to customers.

It is GRIEOM’s persistence to be professional, initiative, cooperative and devoted. By providing quality products and service to customers all over the world, GRIEOM will bring about utmost interests to customers, shareholders and employees. And in the meantime, it will shoulder the social responsibilities.