Sumitomo Electric Semiconductor Materials, Inc. (SESMI) is a company that specializes in compound semiconductor substrates that are used by customers to manufacture components for smartphones, light sources for optical communications networks, and other electronic devices. At our production facility, we perform final processing and inspection of GaAs (gallium arsenide) substrates. SESMI is also responsible for the sales of GaAs substrates, along with substrates made from InP (indium phosphide) and GaN (gallium nitride). More details on these products are provided below.

SESMI was established in 2000 in Hillsboro, Oregon, which is in Portland’s high-tech cluster known as Silicon Forest. We are part of the Sumitomo Electric Group’s international supply chain for high-quality compound semiconductors, and have built our business over the years by working closely with our customers in the United States to meet their stringent technical requirements. All of our products are manufactured to customer specifications. SESMI’s plant is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified.


GaAs substrates
In wireless communications, GaAs substrates are used to fabricate power amplifiers and switches for smartphones. We produce GaAs wafers with exceptionally low variation in thickness to ensure uniform electrical characteristics throughout each wafer. For optical applications, GaAs substrates are suitable for infrared lasers such as VCSEL (vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers). GaAs substrates can also be used to manufacture high-power lasers and micro LEDs.

InP substrates
As the world’s communications networks continually grow in speed and capacity, InP substrates play a role in the ecosystem of electronics devices that make up these networks. On the optical side, InP wafers are used in the laser diode modules that transmit light signals along fiber optic networks. On the wireless side, InP is finding greater use as a material for high-frequency 5G devices.

GaN substrates
As a compound semiconductor for optical devices, GaN substrates have many uses. They can be found in homes as the underlying material of violet lasers built into Blu-ray players or other high-capacity optical disc players. GaN substrates are also used to manufacture high-brightness white LEDs, which are an essential element of digital projectors, car headlights, traffic lights, outdoor digital signage, and other devices.



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