, TW Manufacturer
Provide ultra-high purity, innovative green electronic materials to global semiconductor manufacturers

VIVAN Advanced Chemicals Lab Pvt Limited

 Thane, IN Manufacturer 30-30
Semiconductor Materials (PAG's/Crosslinkers), High high-performance monomers (Diamine/Dianhydride/Photochemical).

Wacker Chemie AG

 , DE Manufacturer
Silanes for Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Spin-On Dielectrics (SOD), Silanes for Photolithography, Silica for Chemical-Mechanical Polishing (CMP), Hyperpure Hydrogen Chloride for Etching

Tokuyama Corporation

 , JP Manufacturer
Polycrystalline Silicon, Metallic Boron, Trichlorosilane, Fumed Silica "REOLOSIL", Tetrachlorosilane, High-purity Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Powder and Granules SHAPAL™ Aluminum nitride ceramics, Boron nitride, Photoresist Developer

Sichuan Yongxiang Co., Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
High purity crystalline silicon, electronic grade polysilicon, high efficiency single crystal silicon chip, food grade polyvinyl chloride, high purity ion-exchange membrane caustic soda, calcium carbide slag comprehensive utilization cement.

Weifang Xingtaike Microelectronic Materials Co., Ltd/ Suntific

 , CN Manufacturer
Sapphire substrate (PSS) special photoresist, lift-off photoresist, flexible photoresist, nano-imprint photoresist, SU-8 thick photoresist and other high-end photoresists and ancillaries for LED, LCD, IC, MEMS, packaging.


 , KR Manufacturer
Semiconductor: FOUP Cleaner, POD Cleaner, Wet Station, Chemical Delivery Supply System, Metal Lift Off, Cassette & Magazine Cleaner. Display: OLED Mask Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Etcher & Stripper, Auto Macro Inspection, Stream-Jet Printing, Lamination M/C,

KPX Chemical., Ltd

 , KR Manufacturer
Semiconductor materials: Stripper, Etchant. Display Materials: PI Rework, Remover, Over-Coat for Pad Protection, Pre PI Cleaner, . CMP pads.


 , KR Manufacturer
High Purity Etching Gas, High Purity CVD, Photosensitive Materials, Resins Photo/Thermal Initiators

Soulbrain Co., Ltd

 , KR Manufacturer
Semiconductor materials: CVD/ALD materials, Etch & Cleaning, HF/BOE, CMP Slurry, Cu metalizing. Display materials: Etchant, Organic Material, Thin Glass (OLED). Solar cell - Texturing : HF, HNO3 / Diffusion : POCl3, BBr3 / Etch & Cleaning : HF, BOE , HCl


 , KR Manufacturer
Materials for semiconductor manufacturing process: polymer (Resin), photoresist (PAG), and additives, and materials such as Resin for SOC, Resin for BARC, and Acid Generators. Coating materials


 , KR Manufacturer
Specialty Gas, Secondary Battery Materials, Inorganic Fluorine Compounds, Refrigerants

CLAP Co., Ltd

 , KR Manufacturer
Organic Semiconductor Materials(OSC), Organic Thin Film Transistors(OTFT), Organic Semiconductor Applications, Photo-alignment Liquid Crystal Materials / Film Materials for Direct Metal Patterning, Blue Light / UV Blocking Materials

ENF Technology Co.,Ltd

 , KR Manufacturer
Semiconductor and display process, fine and color filter chemicals: HF/BOE, strippers, IPA, thinners, etchants, cleaners, developers, monomer, PAG, polymer. Color pastes for LCD and OLED

Dongjin Semichem Co., Ltd.

 , KR Manufacturer
Semiconductor products: photoresists (PR), bottom anti-reflective coatings (BARC), spin-on-carbon (SOC), CMP slurries, wet chemicals, colored resist, organic insulating layer materials.

OCI Company Ltd

 , KR Manufacturer
Polysilicon, Semi Grade H3PO4, H2O2, Fumed Silica,

Nanonex Corp

 , US Manufacturer
Nanoimprint lithography (NIL) tools, resists, masks, and processes for a variety of NIL including thermal and photo-curable NIL, as well as direct imprinting of materials.

EpiValence Ltd

 , GB Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
ALD/ CVD precursor manufacturer

Nouryon Functional Chemicals B.V.

 , NL Manufacturer
cellulosics, organic peroxides, bleaching chemicals, expandable microspheres, and surfactants.