Tokuyama Corporation

 , JP Manufacturer
Polycrystalline Silicon, Metallic Boron, Trichlorosilane, Fumed Silica "REOLOSIL", Tetrachlorosilane, High-purity Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Powder and Granules SHAPAL™ Aluminum nitride ceramics, Boron nitride, Photoresist Developer


 , KR Manufacturer
High Purity Etching Gas, High Purity CVD, Photosensitive Materials, Resins Photo/Thermal Initiators


 , KR Manufacturer
Materials for semiconductor manufacturing process: polymer (Resin), photoresist (PAG), and additives, and materials such as Resin for SOC, Resin for BARC, and Acid Generators. Coating materials

ENF Technology Co.,Ltd

 , KR Manufacturer
Semiconductor and display process, fine and color filter chemicals: HF/BOE, strippers, IPA, thinners, etchants, cleaners, developers, monomer, PAG, polymer. Color pastes for LCD and OLED

Nanonex Corp

 , US Manufacturer
Nanoimprint lithography (NIL) tools, resists, masks, and processes for a variety of NIL including thermal and photo-curable NIL, as well as direct imprinting of materials.


 , TW Manufacturer
Solar cell materials, Photoresists, CMP Slurry, Developers

Daxin Materials Corp.

 , TW Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
Semiconductor Materials: Laser Release Layer, Photosensitive Dielectric/Passivation, Protection Layer, Chemicals for Wet Clean, Chemicals for Nanolithography, Flexible OLED/EPD Material, MicroLED Materials, Binder for Si Based Anode, LCD Materials

CHIMEI Corporation

 , TW Manufacturer
Photoresist, Alignment Film, Wet Process Chemicals, HIPS Film for Tray, Carrier tape.


 , KR Manufacturer
Photoresists, Process Chemicals, Functional Chemicals, Materials for the post- processing of semiconductors. Polarizing and other functional films for display. Color filter chemicals for TFT LCD

Avantor, Inc

 , US Manufacturer
Semiconductor chemicals, customizable chemistry platforms and low volatility silicones.

Allresist GmbH

 , DE Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
Resists for optical and electron beam lithography, as well as respective process chemicals associated with these resists for the fabrication of electronic components.

Chang Chun Group

 , TW Manufacturer
Epoxy molding compounds, strippers and other chemicals for the semiconductor industry.

JSR Corporation

 , JP Manufacturer
Lithography materials: g-line, i-line, EUV photoresists, immersion lithography materials, spin-on hardmask, CMP slurry, post CMP cleaning materials. Display materials: Liquid Crystal Alignment Films, Protective Coating Materials, OLED materials

Jiangyin Jianghua Microelectronics Materials Co., Ltd.

 , CN Manufacturer
Ultra-clean highpurity reagents, photoresist reagents for semiconductor, crystalline silicon solar (Solar PV), flat panel display (TFT-LCD, CF, TP, OLED, PDP), wet electronic chemicals for LED, LED, silicon, lithium batteries, magneto-optical

ShenZhen RongDa Photosensitive Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

 , CN Manufacturer
Photoresist;Ancillary chemicals; Positive and Negative Photoresist for FPD; Positive and Negative Photoresist for LED; g-line and i-line Positive Photoresist for IC; Positive and Negative Photoresist for advanced packaging; Developer; Thinner; EBR; Stripp

Shanghai Sinyang Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Ultra-pure chemicals, lead frames treatment and post packaging treatment chemicals, equipment for the relevant processes: through Silicon Via, Micro-Bumping, MEMS, Solar Cells and other wafer level plating materials.

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd / DNP

 , JP Manufacturer,  Distributor
Industrial Materials, Precision Devices and Components, Display Components, Functional Films, QFN lead frames.


 , US Manufacturer
High purity, high performance chemicals for the semiconductor industry.

Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

 , JP Manufacturer
Photoresists and high purity chemicals for photolithography process of semiconductor and display, processing equipment for semiconductor and display manufacturing, and inorganic and organic chemicals.


 , JP Manufacturer
Electronics Materials for printed wiring board (PWB) and flat panel display (FPD)