Semiconductor Materials
Lithography Materials / Process Materials
JSR's full product line for g-line and i-line resists for critical and non-critical applications and imaging super critical features includes 248 and 193nm positive and negative tone photoresists.
Top Coat Materials for Immersion Lithography
This material prevents liquids such as water used in immersion lithography from penetrating into the photoresists, and at the same time can play a role in preventing a sublime substance produced by photoresist materials from exerting a damaging influence on the high quality lens surface of the exposure tool.

Multilayer Hardmask Materials
JSR develops organic and inorganic spin-on hardmask materials by utilizing its proprietary technologies.

Next Generation Lithography Materials
JSR develops various lithography materials such as EUV photoresists for next generation semiconductor manufacturing process for 10nm node and beyond.

Process Materials
CMP Slurry
This is a CMP slurry (Chemical Mechanical Planarization) necessary for the production of high performance LSI manufacturing.

Post CMP Cleaning Solution
This cleaning solution is used to remove impurities such as metals, organic and slurry residues from planarized wafer surface.

Packaging Materials
Advanced Packaging Materials
Advanced Packaging Materials
Thick Layer Photoresists ELPAC™ THB Series
This product can be used in the forming of wiring on a variety of circuit boards, micro bumps, flip chip bumps and boasts of excellent resolution, resistance to all kinds of plating liquid, and durability in the vacuum process. You can achieve a 80μm nega-resist with just one spin coat.

Catalogue (PDF:901.1 KB)
Insulating Materials ELPAC™ WPR Series
WPR series are used as spin-on photo sensitive insulation materials for re-distribution line layers and over coat layers for WL-CSP (Wafer Level Chip Scale Package) or SiP (System in Package) and for organic passivation layers for semiconductor devices.

Catalogue (PDF:664.4 KB)
Lift-off Processing Photoresists LUMILON™ LP Series
This product can provide an ideal under-cut profile which is suitable for the foaming of electrode/wiring in the LED element manufacturing and so on as "Lift-off" photoresist.

Catalogue (PDF:664.4 KB)

Display Materials
LCD Materials / Next Generation Display Materials
Liquid Crystal Alignment Films OPTMER AL Series
AL series (alignment coating materials) are used in manufacture of LCD. Both polyimide type (pre-imidized organic-solvent-soluble type) and polyamic acid type are available.

Heat-curable Protective Coating Materials OPTMER SS Series
SS series (heat-curable protective coating materials) are used for overcoatings of color filters. They are mainly composed of acrylic polymers. Both one-liquid type and two-liquid type are available. Two-liquid type is mixed just before using.

Heat resistant, Transparent, Photosensitive Protective Film OPTMER PC/NN Series
NN series (negative-tone photo resists composed of acrylic polymers) are mainly used as overcoating materials for COG (chip on glass)-type color filters, and also used for spacer formation of touch panels and LCD panels.
PC series are newly developed positive-tone photo resists, which are mainly composed of acrylic polymers.They are favorable for interlayer films of TFT arrays for high aperture design.

Color Resist OPTMER CR Series
CR series (pigment dispersed negative-tone photo resists) are used to form color filter layers for LCD. Red, Green, Blue, and Black colors are available.

Next Generation Display Materials
OLED Materials OPTMER™ JEM Series
JSR will further develop and expand our product portfolio for OLED materials, such as pixel defining layer, planarization layer, encapsulation, and low temperature curable color resist etc.

Catalogue (PDF:408.0 KB)
Low Temperature Curable Alignment Material OPTMER™ LD Series
JSR is providing alignment materials for flexible/film substrates which can be cured by low temperature. For example, resin films such as TAC can be used as substrate with optical anisotropy added.

Catalogue (PDF:428.9 KB)

Edge Computing Materials
Heat Resistant Transparent Resins
Heat Resistant Transparent Resins
ARTON Resins for Injection Applications
ARTON is a optical resin that offers superior optical properties, dimensional stability and heat resistance. ARTON is a high functional resin suitable for optical applications such as films, light guide panels and lenses.

ARTON Resins for Film Applications
ARTON is an ideal resin for optical films with excellent optical properties, dimensional stability and heat resistance. It is also suitable for optical applications such as retardation films for LCDs and OLEDs.