Hyosung Chemical Co., Ltd

 , KR Manufacturer
Polypropylene (PP), high-purity terephthalic acid (TPA), polyketone (POK), as well as nylon, polyester, TAC films used for wrapping or industrial & optical use, and special gases like NF3, 20%F2/N2 used in semiconductors, displays

BenQ Materials Corporation

 , TW Manufacturer
Display materials solution provider

Daxin Materials Corp.

 , TW Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
Semiconductor Materials: Laser Release Layer, Photosensitive Dielectric/Passivation, Protection Layer, Chemicals for Wet Clean, Chemicals for Nanolithography, Flexible OLED/EPD Material, MicroLED Materials, Binder for Si Based Anode, LCD Materials

CHIMEI Corporation

 , TW Manufacturer
Photoresist, Alignment Film, Wet Process Chemicals, HIPS Film for Tray, Carrier tape.

JSR Corporation

 , JP Manufacturer
Lithography materials: g-line, i-line, EUV photoresists, immersion lithography materials, spin-on hardmask, CMP slurry, post CMP cleaning materials. Display materials: Liquid Crystal Alignment Films, Protective Coating Materials, OLED materials


 , KR Manufacturer
Films and Electronic Materials: Polyester Film, Nylon Film, Coated Film, Prism Film, Dry Film Resist, Overcoat


 , KR Manufacturer
CMP Pad, CMP slurry, mask blanks. Optical films for FPD.


 , JP Manufacturer
Electronics films and polymers

Youngchang Chemical Co Ltd, YCCHEM

 , KR Manufacturer
chemical materials such as PHOTORESIST, HT-SOC, SLURRIES, RINSING SOLUTIONS, ETCHANT, and STRIPPERS and supplies them to the semiconductor, display, and eco-friendly industries.

LG Chem

 , KR Manufacturer
Backgrinding and dicing tapes, DAF die attach films, polarizing films, encapsulation compounds, OLED materials.