Founded in 2006, DAXIN Materials Corporation started with the aim of being the Material Design House. Since we have always strived to deliver best solutions that meet our customers' needs, our corporation has constantly developed customized products from wet chemicals and functionalized materials to polymer solutions. With our expertise and capabilities related to material design, we have consistently offered innovative and value-added solutions for our customers. 

‧ Laser Release Layer ‧ Photosensitive Dielectric/Passivation ‧Dielectric for Redistribution Layer ‧ Buffer Layer ‧ Protection Layer ‧ High-Purity Specialty Chemicals for Wet Clean Process ‧ High-Purity Specialty Chemicals for Nanolithography Process ‧ Photosensitive Dielectric / Passivation SSemiconductor Materials
To achieve better device performance, process tailoring among materials and equipments is critical to the realization of advanced packaging technology.  Daxin works with equipment vendors to deliver a temporary bonding and de-bonding layer for thin wafer manufacturing process.

Laser Release Layer
Temporary organic material used in advanced packaging process
Photosensitive Dielectric
Dielectrics for redistribution layer (RDL) in advanced packaging (WLP/PLP)
Display Materials
From the array, color filter, to the cell process, our products cover almost all technologies associated within display industries. By continuing development of innovative materials with the latest manufacturing technology, we work closely with our customers to deliver the best available image experiences.

Flexible OLED/EPD Materials
Main products include Organic Dielectric Layers for PLN/PDL
LCD Materials
Products include Photo Spacer, Black Matrix Resist, Alignment Layer, Liquid Crystal, Developer, Stripper, Cu/Mo Etchant, Thermal Overcoat, etc.
Touch Panel Materials
Products include Photo Overcoat (POC) and Optical Clear Resin.
Key Raw Materials
High quality precursor materials have been created for utilization and development of products that require superior transparency and high heat resistance properties. Furthermore, these materials are photo-sensitive, and thus are appropriate for usage in photo degradable or developable products.

Anhydride Monomers
Critical precursors for polyimide and polyamic acid synthesis
Instrument analysis
Daxin Instrumental Analysis Laboratory has a wide range of analytical equipments, covering up to 36 testing items including chemical analyses and physical property tests of materials.

We are able to provide composition analysis, impurity analysis, quantitation analysis, material testing for materials used in semiconductors, flat panel displays, solar energy, and chemical companies.

Providing customers with the quality testing services and professional analytical advices.

Customized testing techniques are also available to fulfill various demands of materials.

Customized services