ASTROLL® is polyester film developed by KOLON Industries, Inc. based on proprietary fiber technology with the company’s effort to bring revolutionary transition of the textile industry to a future-oriented business.
ASTROLL® provides superb physical, chemical, and electrical properties and is widely used in industrial materials, including optical, electrical materials and food packaging etc.
ASTROLL® also has a wide range of applications in high value-added product lines, such as polarizing plate, MLCC, OCA, solar photovoltaic and DFR, etc.
ASTROLL® obtained ISO9002 from U.K. BSI, meeting the standards of U.S. FDA, German BGA, and Japan Food Hygiene Association, and also evaluated and recognized by UL standards for electrical stability.
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Uses & General Descriptions
Polarizing Plate Applications
Zero-Defect Base film used for Polarizing Plate Applications such as LCD TV & LCD Monitor; mainly in the process of protection and adhesion coating.
MLCC Applications
Base film with flat thickness, illumination intensity and superb heat-resistance properties for Ceramic sheet molding process of MLCC(Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitor) Applications.
OCA Applications
Base film for Release liners with strictly managed from contamination and superb heat-resistance properties for protecting OCA(Optical Clear Adhesive) Applications.
Optical Applications
Widely used as display base, with excellent light transmittance, mechanical properties, and thermal stability.
Solar Photovoltaic Applications
Clear/White/Milky White-type base film used for protecting the back-side of Photovoltaic application modules.
DFR Applications
Base film with high UV transmittance, illumination intensity and adhesion with the Photo resistance layer, also strictly managed from contamination.
ILC(In-line coated) release liner
In-Line coated base film with release force value-added release liners with strictly managed from contaminants.
Other Industrial films
Films for industrial use provide excellent transparency, adhesion, electrical insulation, cold and hot resistance, and are widely used in PV back sheets, antistatic films, adhesive tape, silicon films, solar control films, gold/silver yarn, cable insulation, and etc.

Prism film condenses light from a light source, such as LCD BLU, by forming fine prism structures on a polyester film. EverRay® LC is the second prism film to be successfully produced and localized in Korea in 2005, and EverRay® DCS is the first prism film in the world to be produced with outstanding elasticity in 2006. EverRay® BK and LF are composite prism films that provide the features of both diffuser and prism films. With its high brightness and excellent reliability, its market share is growing among domestic and international companies.
Features and Uses
KOLON Industries, Inc.’s prism films provide high brightness using high-refractive materials, and excellent scratch resistance and workability using elastic materials. It has a fine appearance, moist-free, wet out free, and hot-band free, and offers such properties as chemical resistance, scratch resistance, high-temperature/humidity reliability, and high-quality wrinkles

KOLON Industries, Inc. is competing with leading international companies, such as U.S. Dupont, Japan’s Hitachi and Asahi, and now has over 60% market share in the dry film photoresist industry. The company was also the first company to develop dry films and localize them in the market where foreign products were dominant.
Its technology became further recognized through the development of ultra-high resolution films, which require the most advanced technology in the industry. The dry film photoresist market is growing with the expansion of the electronics market, including semiconductors and LCDs, and KOLON Industries, Inc.’s Accuimage® is a photosensitive film with a resist thickness ranging from 7 to 75um and is used for multiple purposes, such as PCB, L/F, and packaging.
The product has met customers’ needs with excellent properties and is increasing market share with outstanding quality and competitive prices compared with existing foreign products.
Features and Uses
Tenting & Etching Grade
Excellent circuit properties, extensive workability, remarkable tenting properties; comes in two types for external-layer tening process and inner-layer etching process.
Plating Grade
Excellent circuit properties, extensive workability, remakrable coating tolerance; used for external-layer plating process.
Packging Grade
Provides ultra-high resolution; used for IC packaging, such as BGA and L/F.
Special Grade
The LDI type provides ultra high sensitivity and is used for laser source 355nm and 405nm and the film of thickness from 63~75um are available.

HiROXY® (High performance REsin of epOXY) is a brand name of epoxy resins produced by KOLON Industries, Inc. and meets customers’ needs with excellent technology and customer services.
Epoxy resin is one of the most high functional polymers related with and used in almost all industry.
From advanced electronic circuits for cars to TVs, PC, mobile phones, aerospace structures, paint, and surfboards, epoxy resin truly has a wide range of applications.
With years of experience and with competitive products made based on the vertically integrated portfolio of hardener-intermediate-epoxy, KOLON Industries, Inc. is working hard to deliver customer satisfaction and provide green epoxy, a variety of special epoxy products, and special hardeners to lead the high functionality market.