Since its establishment, Hyosung Chemical has grown through pursuing globalization and ESG management based on R&D and technological prowess in manufacturing.

We at Hyosung Chemical engage in the production & sale of diverse products, such as petrochemical products like polypropylene (PP), high-purity terephthalic acid (TPA), polyketone (POK), as well as nylon, polyester, TAC films used for wrapping or industrial & optical use, and special gases like NF3, 20%F2/N2 used in semiconductors, displays, etc.
We have established a vertical integration system ranging from propane procurement to PP production with the construction of a factory in Vietnam with the aim of expansion in overseas markets.
In 2021, we started operating this factory to sell products within Vietnam and export them to neighboring countries and Europe to enhance profitability.

Neochem PU has independently developed NF3 gas and special industrial gases used for high-tech products such as semiconductors, displays, and solar cells. Based on state-of-the-art facilities and the know-how and technology Hyosung Chemical has attained in the chemicals industry, Neochem PU produces and sells high-quality products. In addition, in response to continuous expansion of the semiconductor and display markets, Neochem PU consistently augmented its production lines and has established a stable supply system. Neochem PU is working hard to produce various products with an aim to become a dedicated special gas producer.