Everlight Chemical Industrial Corp. committed itself into the DSSC field six years ago. Recently, Everlight offers at production scale of many high performance DSSC materials, such as dyes, electrolytes, titanium dioxide pastes and platinum pastes, under the Eversolar® brand. These materials are sold worldwide to customers at universities, research institutes and companies investigating new solar cell technologies.

Everlight is willing to deliver solutions to meet customer's need, such as customized synthesis of DSSC materials or fine tuning the chemical formulations. Everlight has already built its chemical capability and willing to do cooperative work with interested players to further explore various applications in DSSC field.

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Ruthenium Dyes Eversolar® D719 Eversolar® D907 Eversolar® D907N Eversolar® K19
Organic Dyes Eversolar® OD-8 Eversolar® SQ-2
Liquid Electrolytes Eversolar® EL-200 Eversolar® EL-210
Gel Electrolytes Eversolar® EL-310
Ionic Licquid Electrolytes Eversolar® EL-400
Electrolyte Additives Eversolar® Co-200 Eversolar® Co-300 Eversolar® Cu-100 Eversolar® Cu-200 Eversolar® NBB Eversolar® PMII
Solid state electrolyte Eversolar®Spiro-OMeTAD
Titania Pastes
Screen Printing Eversolar® P-200 Eversolar® P-300 Eversolar® P-400 Eversolar® P-310
Platinum Pastes
Screen Printing Eversolar® Pt-200
Low viscosity Eversolar® AB-300 Eversolar® AB-301 Eversolar® AB-302
Medium viscosity Eversolar® AB-310
Dyenamo Products (DN series)
DN-C01 DN-C02 DN-C13 DN-C14 DN-Cu09 DN-Cu10 DN-Cu11 DN-Cu12
DN-F04 DN-F05 DN-F05Y DN-F16 DN-F16B DN-P04
DN-X01 DN-X02 DN-X03 DN-X06 DN-X07

Everlight provides a full range of photosensitive products such as: positive photoresist, negative photoresist, shielding photoresist, insulator, overcoat, high reflective layer and side protective seal ink. In additions, our products have various kinds of characteristics including excellent coating uniformity, small dark erosion, excellent surface impedance, excellent adhesion, and excellent strip ability.

• Developer Substrate Polish Slurry
• Photoresist for touch panel
• Photoresist for overcoat
• Photoresist for TFT LCD Array
• Photoresist for PDCR


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