The seasoned experience and technical skills unique to ENF Technology are concentrated in the process chemicals,
fine chemicals, and color pastes used in the core processes of semiconductor / display.

Etching process semiconductor | ENFTECH
Process Chemical
Process chemicals used in core manufacturing processes of
semiconductor / display are necessary chemical materials that
have an absolute effect in yields and defects of each process and
are the main field of ENF Technology.

Semiconductor materials    HF/BOE, strippers, IPA, thinners
Display materials    Etchants, strippers, thinners, cleaners, developers
Fine Chemical
Fine chemistry products used in the manufacturing processes of
semiconductor / display are produced with core raw materials for
photoresists based on advanced synthesis techniques and refining technology.

Semiconductor materials    Monomer, PAG, polymer
Display materials    Raw materials for transparent substances (monomer, binder)
Color Paste
Color pastes for display color filters have been successfully localized,
through long-term research and development, to lead the domestic color paste
market as a future growth engine.

Materials for LCD    R, G, B color paste for TFT-LCD, black materials for BCS
OLED materials    R, G, B color paste for wOLED