Chemicals product line for semiconductors

Photo Resist

Process chemical

Functional cleaning solution

Photo Resist
It is a sensitizing material for the photovoltaic process that allows the transmission of a circuit to Wafer by ultraviolet light in the semiconductor process to respond according to whether or not the light is irradiated to form a microcircuit pattern. DONGWOO FINE-CHEM is a Resistor used to produce DRAM, Flash Memory, and Logic Devices that demand high resolution from Nano-Level, which is responsible for Metal, Implant, and Critical Layer, which are Novolak types that meet each Device Target, We produce and supply the G/i-Line Resists, KrF Resists, ArF Resists and EUV Resists.
Materials for the post- processing of semiconductor
As the limit of miniaturization of semiconductor processes is gradually approaching us, three-dimensional stacked semiconductors such as 2.5D and 3D are being commercialized. In the case of laminated semiconductors, it needs a new material for innovative post-processes. Dongwoo Fine-chem is developing and producing new post-process materials such as Blue Cleaner, wiring materials, Etchant, Stripper, and Photo Sensitive PolyImide (PSPI) Based on trends in the semiconductor market
Chemicals for Display


DONGWOO FINE-CHEM produces and supplies high-purity, high-sensitivity chemistry that is essential for a clear and clean display through scale-out Know-how and technological innovations and research and development that are never satisfied.

Product Description
The monitor that the client’s looking at -Can you see the clear, clear display? We produce chemical products for differentiated displays through accumulated know-how and continuous research
Chemicals product range for Display


Color Resist


Etchant for chemical etching to form patterning of metal wiring, a component of Array, should not damage Substrate, Photo Resist, and other layers. Fine pattern etch should be possible for the high-definition product production process, and it is important to control the Taper Angle to improve the buildability. Also, it is necessary to secure Etching uniformity within a large substrate. DONGWOO FINE-CHEM is developing and producing optimized Etchant products that have secured high operating margins and productivity in the customer manufacturing process by incorporating the above technology.

Color-Filter of DONGWOO FINE-CHEM boasts the best production technology and quality.

Equipped with a fifth-generation color filter production line, DONGWOO FINE-CHEM differentiates itself from the competition by producing its own unique Spinless Coating technology and Photo Resist (BM, BGR, CS) needed for Color Filter.
With a glass substrate of 1,100X1,250mm and 1,100X1,300mm (15.6 in. 18 cells), we produce a range of products ranging from 2.2in mobile devices to color filters for 27-inch monitors.

Configuration of color filters

The Color Filter (C/F) substrate consists of a color-implementing C/F Pattern and R, G, and B Cells, a black matrix acting as a light barrier,
a common electrode for voltage authorization in liquid crystal cells (ITO), and a column spacer that maintains a constant gap on integration with TFT.

Polarization film for display

Polarization film for LCD    
-Note PC, Tablet
- Waterproof (acrylic, UV adhesive)
- High permeability (44%)
- High hardness
- Low Shrinkage
- High heat resistance (more than 95 degrees)    
Polarization film
for OLED    
-OLED TV, Monitor
-OLED Mobile
-Flexible, Foldable
- Reflective color (Real Black, Blue, Red)
- High permeability (45% to 50% transmittance)
- Ultra thin (Coating polarizer, phase difference)
- High heat resistance (more than 95 degrees)
- Low Shrinkage
- Hole/type processing    
Functional film for display
#POL_less #reflective film #Foldable #Flexible #PI film #OCA #Static charge preventing

DONGWOO FINE-CHEM has various functional film technologies such as anti-reflection film, Window film,
Antifinger film, OLED process protective film, and adhesive sheet in addition to polarized film for display.
Next Generation Technology
in Display
Product Description
This film is required not only for films for Rigid but also for high functional display products such as flexible and next-generation displays for foldable displays. Functional film for display
Functional film for display

Anti-reflection film    
- Anti-Reflection Film for OLED Display (QD-OLED & QNED for Mobile OLED / TV)
- Film for POL Less Display
- Implement ultra-low reflection (Panel reflectance rate 1.0%)
- Adjustable reflection/transmission spectrum (dye)
- Optical simulation Technology
- Dye Design Technology (SCC)
- Post-process (joint/process/cutting) technology    
Windows Film    
- Display window for Flexible, Foldable
- Window for Rollable, Multi folding display
- Automotive
- Color (Yellow index)
- Various input windows (PI, PET etc)
- Integrated Antifinger Hard Coating
- Have multiple patents related to hard coating
- Own OCA (low elasticity~high elasticity)
- OCA roll to roll attachment and processing technology
- BM design applicable    
Protective film
for process use    
- To protect the surface of the flexible OLED manufacturing process
- Mobile phone OLED bottom
- Optical characteristics (transmittance, haze)
- Anti-tank function
- Automatic inspection and processing technology