A generic term for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and other flat panel displays. The Taiyo Group has been aggressively developing electrodes for touch screens, which have experienced remarkable market growth with smartphones and tablets. We have also developed silver paste for screen painting that we use in touch screens. Meanwhile, the Group is working with our customers to develop phototype materials enabling us to shape even more detailed patterns. As for the materials of the future, research is underway on conductive paste requiring no use of precious metals.

Anisotropic Conductive AdhesivePhotoimageable Coverlay FilmPhotoimageable Interlayer Insulating MaterialsStretchable Conductive PasteWhite Dry Film Solder Resist of Photo-imageable and high reflective type
Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive
Substitute material for connectors and ACFs to meet high requirement in precision


Quick cure at low temperature

Low pressure connection

Connectable to lower profile patterns

Stable electrical characteristics and high insulation reliability

Easy reworkability

Photoimageable Coverlay Film
Photoimageable polyimide film with coexistence of high resolution and excellent bendability


Applicable to current PWB photolithography process

Excellent heat resistance and bendability

High resolution pattern formation with alkaline developing

High insulation reliability for electromagnetic interference sheild

UL-94 VTM-0 certified product

Flexible printed circuits (FPCs)

TDSAnalysis Report of RoHSAnalysis Report of Halogen
Photoimageable Interlayer Insulating Materials
Photoimageable insulating materials with high resolution and excellent electrical insulation


●High resolution 
Via opening below 6μmφ
6μmφ Via

●High insulation reliability 
Insulating property above 300 hours (BHAST)
BHAST cross section view

Cu mapping image

●Excellent physical properties 
Tg: 180℃
Tensile modulus: 3.5GPa
●High adhension 
Sputtering wiring adhesion above 6N/cm
●Developable in alkaline aqueous solution
●Dry film-type

Build-up boards, interposers, redistribution layer of wafer level packages
Stretchable Conductive Paste
Electro-conductive material for Stretchable electronics


Low temperature process

Screen printable

Highly stretchable conductors on elastic film substrates

No crack after stretching

Electrical conductivity is maintained after at stretching

Stretchable conductors of electronic devises for "Wearable market", where "Stretchability" is required.

White Dry Film Solder Resist of Photo-imageable and high reflective type
Photo-imageable White Dry Film Solder Resist that obtains optimum high-reflection for Mini LED board.


High Reflectivity in visible light areas

Response to Direct image exposure

Excellent surface flatness and uniformity of high reflection

Stable reflectivity even when exposed to Blue LED