KPX leads the semiconductor market based on differentiated technology

Based on top manufacturing facility and development Know How, We KPX put our own priority
for creating customer’s value in first.

○ Stripper :
This product is used to strip unnecessary PR layer after Photo-Resist patterning process.

We provide Negative & Positive type PR Stripper, and especially this product is specialized in stripping thick PR layer for post process.

* Photo-resist Thickness : 20~100um

Solder    Stripper Solder
Cu Pillar    Stripper Cu Pillar
○ Etchant:
This product is used to etch unnecessary metal layer(UBM, RDL) after Photolithography process.

Cu & Ti Etchant applicate for removing UBM & RDL Layer. And For Cu Etchant, this product has high selectivity on target metal, then it is effective in minimizing damage on Cu pillar

Cu & Ti Etchant
Stripper Solder    Stripper Cu Pillar
Solder    Cu Pillar
After Cu & Ti Etching (Damage Free)

○ CIS-OC & Micro Lens
We, KPX Chemical provide Over-Coat for Pad protection and for Micro Lens reflow applied in CIS(CMOS Image Sensor).

Stripper Solder
- CIS-OC : This Material is used in manufacturing CIS. Over-Coat for Pad open is OC-3206 Series and for Micro Lens reflow is OC-1119 Series.

○ KPX CMP Pad : KONI -Series
Stripper Solder
○ KPX Pad Strength & Benefit
- Raw Material Control
- Low Scratch & High Uniformity
- Removal Rate Maintenance
- CMP Pad :
CMP(Chemical Mechanical Polish) Process is planarization of semiconductor wafer to use chemical reaction and mechanical force.
KPX Pad is polishing Pad applied for CMP Process.CMP Pad is made by polyurethane and its structure has micro pore in the urethane matrix.
We, KPX provide customized product to our customer by control urethane composition.

LCD Chemical
Stripper Solder
LCD Manufacturing Process & KPX’s Chemical Application

Item    Product    Application
Chemical    Pre PI Cleaner    KC Series    Cell Process Pre PI Cleaner
PI Rework    KR Series
BR Series    Cell Process PI Rework
Remover    KPR Series
BPR Series    APR mask, Roller Cleaner/Remover
EL    KP Series    UV PI Cleaner
LCD Chemical Product Line-up

- Pre PI Cleaner :
This product is the functional Cleaner to remove organic and inorganic pollutant which is brought from outer circumstance or inner site’s manufacturing.
- PI Rework :
This product is the Rework Chemical to strip the PI(Poly-Imide) when PI deposition has defective factor in Cell Process.
- Remover :
This product is Removal Chemical to strip the PI residue in APR Mask.
- EL :
This product is electrical Cleaner which is used post UV PI alignment.
→ We, KPX provide & develop Wet chemical which is customized for our customer’s process condition.