EpiValence offer a wide range of ALD/CVD precursors
We are a chemical manufacturer with over 200 compounds of 45 elements from the Periodic table with a focus on ALD/ CVD precursors. 
Including but not exclusively:
•    Metal alkoxides
•    Metal amides
•    Metal diketonates
•    Metal alkyls
•    Metal cyclopentadienyls
•    Other functionalised derivatives
EpiValence offer:
•    In house R&D Technical support – molecule design, proof of concept and scale up 
•    Broad range of capabilities – inc. dedicated production equipment
•    Robust quality and management system
•    Batch control and traceability
•    Full analytical suite
•    Bubbler management – filling, emptying, cleaning and repair
•    Collaboration and confidentiality to our customers
•    Global supply
Our core beliefs are to develop robust, repeatable and scalable processes to deliver consistently high quality products to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. 
UKAS registered ISO9001:2015 company.