Sichuan Yongxiang Co., Ltd., established in November 2002, is a large-scale private technology-based enterprise under Tongwei Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 600438) controlled by Tongwei group. The company has formed a circular economy industrial chain integrating new energy and chemical industry that from brine, caustic soda, PVC to carbide slag cement and from hydrogen chloride, trichlorosilane to polysilicon new energy. It contains Yongxiang Resin, Yongxiang Polysilicon, Yongxiang Silicon Materials, Yongxiang New Materials, Yongxiang New Energy, Inner Mongolia Tongwei, Yunnan Tongwei, Tongwei Green Energy and other molecular companies. Its main business are: High purity crystalline silicon, electronic grade polysilicon, high efficiency single crystal silicon chip, food grade polyvinyl chloride, high purity ion-exchange membrane caustic soda, calcium carbide slag comprehensive utilization cement.. At present, the annual output of high-purity crystalline silicon is 80000 tons, and the monthly shipment is more than 8000 tons, ranking the top in the world. The company's product quality, comprehensive technical indicators, production costs are industry-leading level. In 2020, Leshan phase II and Baoshan phase I will start to construct 50000 tons of high-purity crystalline silicon projects respectively. After being put into operation, the production capacity will reach 180000 tons, which is the world's leading.


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