At iPolymer, we are a worldwide manufacturer of high-purity fluid handling products. We serve a variety of clients and industries with our wide range of fluoropolymer valves, fittings, connectors, spray guns, and other fluidic devices.

Semiconductor chips have reached every corner of our world and are in most electronic equipment we purchase. Few people appreciate the significant time and effort it takes the Semiconductor Industry to create these chips.

Semiconductor chips originate from wafers, these wafers originally start out as melted ingots of silicon.  The initial ingots are sliced into thin wafers, polished and coated with Photoresist. At many points during the semiconductor wafer production cycle (also known as the wafer fabrication process), numerous high-purity chemicals and deionized water (DI Water) are used for grinding, polishing, cleaning, etching and coating.  iPolymer supplies Teflon® Pneumatic Valves (TP Valves) in support of many of these process steps.

Our iPolymer Teflon® Pneumatic Valves, formally known as White Bandit Valves, are design specifically for use in high-purity harsh environments found within the semiconductor wafer fabrication process.  The iPolymer TP Valve is machined from a solid block of virgin pure Teflon® (PTFE). The one piece design allows the valve to handle high temperatures and corrosive acid vapor exposure.  These valves are commonly found in acid etching, cleaning and stripping applications.

When our stock inventory of PTFE valves, spray guns, fittings, and connectors aren’t just right to meet your company needs, iPolymer staff of design engineers are ready to customize our products for your specific applications requirements.

Knowing our product are used for handle acids, solvents and other harsh chemicals, product design safety and application effectiveness are our number one priority.  Our staff of industry professionals works with many manufacturing companies that utilize chemicals in their manufacturing process. Though our exposure with these companies, we understand how critical high-purity and performance is within their manufacturing process, including the manufacturing of semiconductor wafers.

Available with a number of different sizes, shapes, and designs, our iPolymer Teflon® Pneumatic Valves are designed to aid in chemical delivery in the manufacturing process. For companies looking to manufacture semiconductor wafers, our various valves and fluid handling devices can help manage a wide range of chemical flow conditions.  Their PTFE construction keeps the flow path clean and can handle a wide range of media. Many of the process steps can benefit greatly from pure PTFE within the flow path.

Fittings and Connectors PTFE Spray Guns (SG, RC, NITRO, EW, DG) Miniature Solenoid Valves (M) Sub miniature Solenoid Valves (S) Miniature Pneumatic Diaphragm Valves (MTV) Pneumatic Diaphragm Valves (HPV) Sub miniature Pneumatic Diaphragm Valves (MTVS) Teflon Pneumatic Valves (TP) Chemical Resistant Valves (CR) Inline Diaphragm Valves (IDF) Suckback Valves (SBV) DI Water Valves (DI) Water Valves (WV) Drain Valves (DV) Quick Dump Valves (QD) PTFE Pressure Regulators (PRG) Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) Check Valves (CV) PTFE Ball Valves (BV) PTFE Stopcock Valves (SC) PTFE Metering Valves (MV) Precision Plug Valves (PPV) Sampling Metered Valves (SMV) Dilution Drain Valves (DDV) Teflon Aspirators (A, KA, L, KL) Teflon Disc Filters (TDF) PTFE Gauge Isolators (GI) Air Cylinders (AC) Plastic Fabrication




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