Our Background
We are an R&D team located in San Jose, California who have patented and prototyped our first product, the LM-Lid, which perfectly resolves the TIM1 issue when cooling IC chips in lidded flip chip packages by enabling the industrial use of liquid metal thermal interface materials (LM-TIM). Our goal is to eventually apply our technology across the entire IC chip cooling system to create a whole liquid metal thermal connection between the IC chip and its cooling system.
The Problem
Efficiently cooling IC chips in lidded flip chip packages is crucial for the IC chip industry. As the power of IC chips is getting higher and higher, their temperature rise caused by the thermal interface material (TIM1) in lidded flip chip packages has become a bottleneck in cooling IC chip. There are two requirements for a good TIM1:
Low thermal impedance for quickly transferring heat
High flexibility for avoiding additional stress
Until now, no product has been able to perfectly meet both requirements.
Our Solution
The LM-Lid is one of our patented products that perfectly meets both requirements, making it a unique solution to the TIM1 problem. The LM-Lid consists of a reservoir structure built into the lid to allow for the safe use of LM-TIM in lidded flip chip packages, in which a very thin LM-TIM is provided between the lid and flip chip without causing additional stress. This completely eliminates the thermal bottleneck caused by TIM1.
Target Market
Our initial target market is for the high-end application of IC chip processing units, such as module packages of CPU/GPU integrated with HBM. These packages are used extensively in datacenters, AI applications, and self-driving cars, all of which have extremely high processing power and power consumption requirements. So, they urgently need an effective thermal solution for TIM1.