RJR Technologies

 , US Manufacturer
Air Cavity Near Hermetic Semiconductor Packaging. Air Cavity Plastic Packages, B-Stage Components, Sealing Equipment ​


 , MY Manufacturer
Pre-molded Lead Frame Package (Air Cavity Package) and Lid Cover

Botou Hi-Tech Electronic Accessories Co., Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Hermetic packages, glass-to-metal seals

Yixing City Jitai Electronics Co.,Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Hermetic packages: Opto-Electronic Packages, Power Packages, Microwave Packages, HIC Packages, TO Headers, Circular Packages, Sensor Packages, High Purity Graphite Molds, Kovar Lids

Hebei Sinopack Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

 , CN Manufacturer
Multilayer co-fired ceramic packages (HTCC, LTCC), ceramic substrates

Mirror Semiconductor, Inc.

 , US Manufacturer,  Distributor
Open Cavity QFN package and lids, test sockets, bonding wire

Suzhou Bopai Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
AMB ceramic substrates. Research, design and prototype advanced packaging concepts. Low to medium package assembly and transfer to volume OSATs. Advanced transfer molding and sintering systems

Meizhou Exhibition Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Ceramic metallized substrates (DBC, AMB), ceramic packages for LED, IC

SDI Corporation

 , TW Manufacturer
LED Lead Frames, Discrete, Transistor, IC Lead Frames, VFD Frame, BGA Heatsink, FPC

Standard Systems Inc

 , KR Distributor,  Manufacturers' Rep
IC Packaging Service, Open Cavity Packages, Test Socket, Polyimide(PI)

Zhen Ding Tech. Group Technology Holding Limited, ZDT

 , CN Manufacturer
IC substrates and HDI PCB. Printed circuit boards, including flexible circuit boards (FPC), substrate-like PCBs (SLP), high-density interconnect (HDI) PCBs, rigid printed circuit boards (RPCB), rigid-flex PCBs, chip-on-film (COF), and modules

TTM Technologies, Inc

 , US Manufacturer
IC substrates, quick-turn and volume production of technologically advanced PCBs and backplane assemblies as well as a global designer and manufacturer of high-frequency radio frequency (RF) and microwave components and assemblies.

Shennan Circuits Co., Ltd, SCC

 , CN Manufacturer
IC substrates and HDI PCB.


 , KR Manufacturer
IC package substrates.

Nan Ya PCB Co., Ltd

 , TW Manufacturer
IC substrates and HDI PCB

Kyocera Global Ltd

 , JP Manufacturer
Ceramic packages, organic packages and module substrates, HDI PCB, PWB, single crystal sapphire products, semiconductor/LCD processing equipment

Korea Circuit Co Ltd, KCC

 , AF Manufacturer
IC packages substrate and HDI PCB, rigid-flex PCB.


 , JP Manufacturer
IC Package, HDI Printed Wiring Board, SiC-DPF, Substrate Holding Mat, Graphite Specialty


 , KR Manufacturer
IC substrates and HDI PCB.