Organic Package
Build-up Structure FC-BGA
SHDBU Structure Type
CPCORE Structure Type
FC-CSP Substrates
Module Substates
Module Substates
Thin Type Module Substrates
Printed Wiring Boards
Printed Wiring Boards
AnyLayer PWBs

Components for LiDAR and 3D Sensing
Compact Ceramic RFID Tags
Components for Fiber-Optic Communication Modules
Ceramic Packages for MEMS Sensors
Ceramic Packages and Optical Filters for Image Sensors
Components for Fiber-Optic Connectors
Surface Mount Ceramic Packages for Electronic Devices
Ceramic Packages for Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
LTCC Packages for RF Modules
Ceramic Packages for Automotive Electronics
Ceramic Packages for Power Electronics
Components for Wireless Communication Devices
Ceramic Packages for Large Scale Integration (LSI) Devices
Ceramic Substrates for Probe Cards
Glass Hermetic Feedthroughs
Standard Packages and Lids for Device Evaluation

Simultaneous Sintering and Bonding Technology: Green Bonding
This new technology is a processing method whereby two or more green bodies are stacked, sintered, and bonded together into a monolithic body.

Alumina and Sapphire Direct Bonding Technology
Monolithic Structure ensures High Hermeticity and Mechanical Strength at the bonded boundary.

Ceramic Needles
Ceramic needles suitable for addressing the elution and abrasion problem of metals.

Sapphire Cells
Direct sapphire bonding technology makes hollow transparent cells a reality.

Sapphire Optical Windows
Direct bonding of sapphire and alumina without adhesives.

Low Thermal Expansion Ceramic Mirrors
Highly rigid and extremely thin with reduced weight.

Ceramic Setters
High-purity alumina setters are ideal for quality improvement and cost reduction.

Substrates for Power Modules
High-strength substrates compatible with direct-bonding of copper sheets are suitable for a wide range of power module applications.

Pressure Sensor Components
Kyocera high-precision ceramic technology supports sensors for a wide range of pressure conditions.

Ultra Thin Ceramic Caps
Ultra thin, enabling devices to become smaller in size, lower in height.

Heat Dissipation Structure Ceramic Substrates
Monolithic ceramic structure with no bonding material for long-term reliability.

Vacuum Interrupter Ceramic Tube
Ceramic Insulator Tubes are used in vacuum interrupters for medium voltage switch gear (approx. 6kV to 80kV).

High Voltage-resistant Alumina Ceramic (AH100A)
Possibility of 50% size reduction, with 1.6 times higher voltage resistance than conventional ceramic (based on Kyocera simulation).

Substrates for Thin-Film Magnetic Heads in Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)
Substrates suitable for high-precision processing.

Electrical Insulators for Feedthroughs
Ceramic insulators for feedthroughs.

Thick Film Substrates
Kyocera produces alumina substrates with superior reliability for use in thick film applications.

Pressed and Extruded Parts
Intricately shaped products made using our advanced press and extrusion forming technologies.

Feedthroughs (Coaxial)
Kyocera offers a variety of open tool coaxial connectors made with our proprietary ceramic-to-metal bonding technology.

Feedthroughs (Multi-pin)
Kyocera offers a variety of open tool coaxial connectors made with our proprietary ceramic-to-metal bonding technology.

Polished Substrates
Thin film substrates with excellent surface smoothness.

Thin Film Substrates
Thin film substrates with excellent surface smoothness.

Faucets, Valves
Faucet valves feature excellent wear-resistance and sealing performance.

Kyocera provides the most commonly used ceramic-to-metal bonded feedthroughs.

Protection Tubes for Thermocouples
Protection tube for thermocouples offers excellent corrosion-resistance and high temperature strength.

Glazed Substrates for Thermal Printheads
Excellent surface flatness and smoothness with fewer surface defects.

Beam Positioning Monitors
Used at synchrotron radiation facilities and to support various other accelerators.

Disk Spacers
Spacers for glass disks in Hard Disk Drives (HDDs).

ESD Tweezers
ESD-safe tweezers developed to handle elements sensitive to electrostatic breakdown.

Textile Machinery Parts
Ceramics are used in various textile machines as guide parts, thread processing nozzles, oiling nozzles, rollers and twister parts.

Isolator Flanges
Kyocera's isolator flanges support Large Helical Device (LHD) equipment used in nuclear fusion experiments.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Head Processing Tools and Fixtures
Ceramic tools and fixtures contribute to advanced precision of Hard Disk Drive (HDD) heads.

Papermaking Machinery Parts
Ceramics feature excellent wear-resistance for use in cleaner cones, suction box covers, blades, flat parts and rollers.

Heat Exchanger Tubes for Garbage Incinerators
SiC heat exchanger tubes feature excellent heat- and corrosion-resistance and high thermal conductivity.

Cutters and Wear-Resistant Parts for Industrial Machinery
Kyocera's high-precision machining technologies and diverse materials enhance manufacturing productivity.

Sapphire Windows
Kyocera provides sapphire windows with superior ultra-high vacuum properties.

Ferrite Products
A variety of materials are available for diverse property and frequency requirements.

SiN (SN287) RF Windows
Kyocera provides SiN (SN287) RF windows for gyrotrons and klystrons.

Plastic Forming Rollers
Rollers for plastic forming.

Nozzles, Nozzle Covers
Excellent oxidation-resistance and high temperature strength extend lifetime of welding tools.

Sapphire Substrates for LEDs
Used by many LED manufacturers as substrates for LED crystal growth.

Induction Hardening Fixtures
Excellent thermal shock resistance enables hardening depth stability.

Decorative Ceramics
Used in decorative pieces for luxury goods, such as watches, for its deep color and rich look.

Polishing Plates
High rigidity and chemical resistance maintain surface shape over long periods of time.

Electrical Insulator Parts
Insulators for medical and electrosurgical endoscopy devices.

Ceramic Chambers
Proven effective in top high-energy physics projects worldwide.

Sapphire Wafers for Electronic Devices
Used as SOS substrates for their excellent material properties and mass-producibility.

SiC (Silicon Carbide) Polishing Plates
Polishing plate with higher thermal conductivity and lower thermal expansion.

Handling Arms
Used in a variety of semiconductor processing equipment parts for plasma and heat resistance.

Aluminum Foundry & Casting Products
Silicon nitride features excellent thermal stability, thermal shock resistance, mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

Chamber Windows
Used in a variety of semiconductor processing equipment parts for its plasma- and heat-resistance.

Anti-Plasma Materials
Excellent plasma resistance increases the lifetime of parts.

Carrier Plates for GaAs Wafers
Used in a variety of semiconductor processing equipment parts for its plasma- and heat-resistance.

Dressing Plates for Polishing Pads
Excellent anti-wear properties with optional microspikes.

Metallized Components
Electrical insulators for X-ray tubes and RF windows.

Wafer Boats
Used in a variety of semiconductor processing equipment parts for its plasma- and heat-resistance.

Large Parts for LCD Processing Equipment
Produces large structural parts with excellent rigidity and precision.

Domes, Chambers
High purity and excellent plasma resistance increases the lifetime of parts.

Lift Pins
Used in a variety of semiconductor processing equipment parts for its plasma- and heat-resistance.

Vacuum Chucks, Integrated Mirrors for Stages, Stage Parts
Transportation parts with high purity and excellent chemical resistance. Various surface shapes available for diverse operational conditions.

Plasma Generation, Introduction Tubes, Microwave Introduction Tubes
Used in a variety of semiconductor processing equipment parts for its plasma- and heat-resistance.

Electrostatic Chucks (ESCs)
High purity, excellent plasma resistance and de-chucking response suitable for a wide range of temperatures.

Support Plates for Polarizers in LCD Projectors
Utilizes sapphire's excellent light transmittance and thermal conductivity.

High purity with excellent plasma resistance and thermal uniformity.

POS Scanner Windows
Utilizes excellent light transmittance and hardness of sapphire.

Handling Arms
Vacuum adsorption chucking type; various coatings are available.