AppNano develops, manufactures, and supplies various nanostructures including standard and specialized SPM probes that are compatible with all major AFM equipment in the market for most applications
We leverage our extensive experience in nanofabrication technology and research in SPM probes to supply the highest quality probes
Our in-house clean room facility combined with our state-of-the-art characterization tools enables rapid prototyping, adaptability, and versatility in designing and developing custom products
Major research programs are continuously underway both in-house and with external collaborators to develop high performance probes for advanced applications
Silicon Probes
Contact mode
Force modulation
Silicon (Si) AFM probes Both cantilever & tip are Si
Silicon Nitride Probes
HYDRA - SiN cantilever and Si tip
NITRA - Both cantilever & tip are SiN
NITRA-TALL - Nitra with tall tip
Silicon nitride (SiN) AFM probes SiN cantilever with Si or SiN tip
ACCESS Tip-View Probes
Contact mode
Force modulation
Conductive- PtIr
Conductive- Gold
Conductive- DD
Tipview/Visible apex/opus/ AFM probes Allows direct view of the tip as it images the sample
Conductive Probes
Platinum-Iridium (PtIr)
Gold (GG)
Doped Diamond (DD)
Titanium Nitride (TiN)
Cobalt-Chromium (CoCr)
Conductive AFM (EFM) probes Conductive probes for EFM, MFM
Quantitative Force Spectroscopy
Ball probes (B)
Plateau probes (PTU)
Colloidal probes
Quantitative force spectroscopy probes
High Aspect Ratio Tip (HART)
Different spike length options (1/2/4/6 µm)
Different tilt angle compensation (0/3/12°)
High Aspect Ratio Tips (HART Probes) Deep trench metrology
VertiSense™ Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM)
AppNano offers a complete breakthrough solution to SThM with:
VertiSense™ Module
VertiSense™ Probes
Test sample
Calibration system
Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM)
Calibration Standards/Test Samples
Step Height Standards (SHS)
Force Calibration Levers (FCL)
VertiSense™ Thermal Calibration Module
VertiSense™ Thermal Test Sample
EFM Test Sample
Step Height Standards (SHS) EFM Test Sample Force Calibration Cantilevers (FCL)
Microfabricated membranes on
Silicon oxide
Silicon nitride
Membranes- Si/SiO/SiN
Nanofabricated pore(s) on membranes of
Silicon oxide
Silicon nitride
Nanopores- Single/Array- in Si/SiO/SiN membranes
STM Products
AppNano also offers high quality STM probes and STM tip etcher.STM Tip Etcher