Aelius Semiconductors Pte Ltd is a fabless MMIC Design House, based in Singapore. 

Aelius Semiconductors develops GaAs and GaN MMIC products based on a robust and reliable design philosophy. These designs are fabricated at leading foundries across the world. The products are tested and packaged as per customer's requirement utilizing state-of-the-art facilities.

Products of Aelius Semiconductors find applications in Wireless & Telecom, Industrial, Military & Space Markets. We are able to offer products with competitive design / production time lines and costs. Aelius also offers the flexibility to custom-package the products to customer's chosen configuration of die, package, or module.

Aelius Semiconductors also custom designs high performance MMICs for specific customer applications. The custom designs are undertaken in close consultation with customer's system designers to ensure seamless integration and manufacturability.

Aelius Semiconductors is a 100% subsidiary of Astra Microwave Products Limited, an Indian public listed company engaged in design, development and production of RF and Microwave Systems and Sub-Systems.

Aelius has the ability to achieve very high levels of integration using specific discrete components. For such requirements, Aelius works closely with customers to understand their requirements and develop custom multi-functional MMICs.

Design services

  • Robust design flow for reliability includes sensitivity analysis, design centering and yield analysis.
  • Turnkey design + prototype + product development.
  • Specialty services for designs up to GDS-2 tape level using foundry rules conforming to the best international standards and specifications.

Aelius Semiconductors also undertakes design and development of MMIC based Multi-chip Modules required for subsystems like transceivers, T/R modules, beam former etc. We have successfully executed several specific assignments like designing wide band high isolation switches, custom multi-chip packages and connector-ized MMIC modules. 

A glimpse of some of the high end activities that we are pursuing -

T/R Module Chipsets

Aelius has successfully established itself as a one stop shop for all T/R module solutions by providing complete MMIC chipsets in L, S, C, X and Ku bands. These T/R module MMICs are available as three segments - Receive chain components, Transmit chain components and Control chain components (common to both transmit and receive paths). 

The control chain comprises of 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 -bit digital attenuator, a 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 -bit digital phase shifter, and SPDT switch, all of them with on-chip TTL Drive. This makes it very easy for the user to interface the MMICs with external controls. In addition, the LNA's available from Astra stable mean that it is easy to make receive chain with low noise figures. The availability of both self-biased and dual biased amplifiers further adds to the flexibility in design of the receiver. The MMICs in the transmit chain can cater forsufficiently high power levels typically required for these applications. Aelius also supports the system designer with required driver amplifiers and medium power amplifiers to achieve required power levels at the Transmitting Antenna. These power amplifiers feature very good PAE and hence consume lower power.

System- in - Package modules

As demand for packaged modules with multi-functional capability is increasing, Aelius is focusing on System-In-Package modules wherein a drop-in or a connector-ized module can be used to support multiple functionalities. Aelius has developed several T/R control components in various frequencies as SIP modules. These modules are made to order and can be quickly customized to meet user requirement.

Work on RF MEMS

Recently Aelius has initiated R&D in RF MEMS technology to continue its strong growth in emerging technologies. The research focuses on development of RF MEMS SPST and SPDT switches and digital phase shifter. At Aelius Semiconductors, extensive research is in progress to address these challenges and develop a reliable MEMS product

Work on LTCC

By integrating the main front-end microwave functionality into multifunction MMICs and using multilayer ceramic substrates, highly compact TR Modules can be developed. As we strongly believe that Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC) technology is the answer, design & development of LTCC based products are in progress.

Aelius Semiconductors also delivers MMICs in a range of surface mount plastic packages viz. QFN, SOIC etc., Glass flat packs, and Metal packages. Aelius also delivers custom designed connector-ized / drop-in MMIC modules manufactured to international standards.