Forza Silicon is the industry leader in custom analog mixed-signal IC design and CMOS image sensor technology. Our groundbreaking image sensor and IC designs and in-house production services capabilities have enabled the development of some of today’s most innovative products across a wide variety of industries. From automotive applications to high-end medical devices, from professional cinematography to next generation broadcast cameras and networked video surveillance needs to mission-critical visible and near-visible defense applications, market leaders rely on Forza to design and deliver a vision of imaging innovation. 

Core Expertise
UHD Image Sensor
CMOS Image Sensor
Forza’s blend of core expertise culminates in a cutting-edge visible CMOS image sensor design. We combine our quality analog IP building blocks with state-of-the-art ADCs and intimate knowledge of image sensing to design high-quality image sensors that differentiate our customers’ products giving them a competitive advantage over off-the-shelf solutions.
1280 x 1204 Roic Platform
Infrared Readout IC
Forza has successfully designed dozens of readout ICs (ROIC) for a wide array of applications as well as different IR detector types including cryogenic infrared ROIC. Forza can help make your next IR imager a success by applying one of our innovative pixel or readout designs to your project.

Compass Multi Function IC
Analog and Mixed-Signal IC Design
Forza designs begin with silicon-proven analog and mixed-signal building blocks from which our ADCs, Image Sensors and other world-class complete ICs are built.

Liquid Crystal Display Driver
ADC & DAC Converters
A key area of Forza core expertise is data converters, particularly high-performance ADCs. Our ADC designs form the backbone of many cutting-edge imager designs, providing data conversion with high signal fidelity, low power and low silicon area.

Sige VCSEL Driver
High-Speed Data Transport, RF and Optoelectronic Design
Many of our sensor designs produce multiple gigabits/sec of imaging data. Forza relies on our vast IP library and design experience to architect and implement an optimal data transport solution.

Back Illuminated 3D Readout
Forza Advanced Imaging Techniques
Forza lives on the cutting-edge of image sensor design and we would not have it any other way. We regularly apply our Advanced Imaging techniques to enable solutions where there previously were none.

Integrated Production Services
Production Services
Prototype Development
Package selection and partners for package design
In-house PCB and test system design services
Choice of existing test/characterization system re-use or specification and design of new test system
Wafer Probe Development
Class 100 clean room with 12″ fully automated wafer prober with flexible optical fixture configuration; custom design of probe test program / vectors with optical stimulus available
The Forza Product Engineering Team is on-call for a wide array of Qualification services, including ESD/LU, HTOL, Shock & Vibe, and testing to other JEDEC standards to ensure a high quality, reliable production design
Yield Optimization
Forza has significant experience taking a design from the lab to production
Forza will leverage wafer probe development and direct access to Forza Design Engineers to aid in the Integrated Production Services phase of product development
Detailed knowledge of the design is often the key to making tangible yield improvements and Forza will bring this to bear on your design
Forza will also take advantage of its foundry relationships to improve yield and design quality in production for our customers
Production Test and Delivery
Forza has extensive experience transitioning prototype wafer probe & laboratory test programs and equipment to a production-worthy set of test protocols resulting in final product delivery
The Forza Production Team is on-call for your production test needs