Foundry Manufacturing GaAs

Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT)
Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT)

[Advanced Microwave Communication Technology] The core microwave communication technology includes HBT and pHEMT. There are a variety of leading market technologies for mass production. It has complete resources and capabilities for epitaxial growth, process development, characteristic measurement, and reliability verification. Continuously Independent research and development of diversified technologies to meet and serve customers.

CH10L2 high gain, high linearity process

CH10L3 ultra-high linearity process

CH10R1 High Strength, High Reliability Process

CH05P1 Ultra-High Gain Process

【Advanced Microwave Communication Technology】

Pseudo-modulated heterojunction field effect transistor (pHEMT)
Pseudo-modulated heterojunction field effect transistor (pHEMT)

0.5um Switch pHEMT for Low cost Switch and LNA

0.5um HFET for High Linearity PA

0.5um Power pHEMT for High power PA

0.25um Power pHEMT for High power PA

0.25um Super Now Noise pHEMT for LNA up to 20GHz

0.25um E/D-mode pHEMT for Wifi LNA and switch WIFI low noise amplifier

Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL)
Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL)

【Optoelectronic component technology】Ensure that the product quality can meet the needs of customers and the market, Chengxin takes priority over the layout of optical communication and optical information components, has mass production of various technologies, and provides customers with high-quality, high-reliability optoelectronic components. Leading the industry to meet IATF16949 standard.

mass storage
Low-power sensor applications such as: TWS Bluetooth headset switch

mass storage
3D face recognition, 3D video

mass storage
Sweeping robot ranging and positioning

mass storage
Automotive LiDAR (LiDAR)

Chengxin has the ability to test various VCSEL wavelengths, power and size wafers for LIV, NF, FF, and can also provide various customized AOI, pick & place services

R & D team

The R&D team of Chengxin Semiconductor comes from high-end talents at home and abroad, and has mastered the mature VCSEL\HBT\pHEMT process
research and development to meet the needs of customers, providing high-quality and efficient technology and process flow, exerting a large number of customized features, and meeting the needs of customers. Tailor-made
original super foundry service to support the rapid upgrade and growth of local semiconductor IC design companies

customer service
conventional foundry
-Continuous improvement
-Provide high quality
-Create a new benchmark in the semiconductor industry

Super foundry service
-Customized service

Design related services
Build own device models with high standards in the industry, diversified design kits, efficiently shorten the time-to-market of new products, and provide platform convenience and high circuit simulation accuracy through complete software services to achieve the best design layout verification and Mask service.

Chengxin PDK service
- Layout P-Cell - ESD Protection
- Active Device - Passive Device
- EM DRC/LVS - Package Model
- ADS/Cadence - Logic & Bias Circuit

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