A Pure-Play Global Semiconductor Foundry Based in Malaysia  

SilTerra is a 200mm semiconductor wafer foundry, offering CMOS fabrication processes for integrated circuits (ICs) in Advanced Logic, Mixed Signal & Radio Frequency and High Voltage applications.

Today, as industry convergence continues to shape the future of nanoelectronics in healthcare, life sciences, mobility and connectivity, SilTerra is collaborating with partners and customers to develop what will be tomorrow’s connected technologies. 

By building on its current process technologies, SilTerra has progressed into more advanced technology areas such as Silicon Photonics, Bio-photonics, MEMS on CMOS, Galium Nitride(GaN), BC​D and Discrete Power – also known as “More-than-Moore” technologies.  

SilTerra has been working with customers to develop and launch leading-edge products such as bio-sensors, DNA sequencing chips, next-generation fingerprint sensors, micro-mirror displays and ultra low-power chips for applications in IOT, consumer electronics, data communications, industrial automation, healthcare and automotive segments.  SilTerra’s advances in the field of power management and high efficiency power devices have enabled our customers to address green technology requirements in the mobility and industrial automation markets.

Globally ranked 17th by IC Insights in the category of pure-play foundries, SilTerra’s leadership in the industry is the result of years of developing local skills as well as nurturing strategic partnerships.



Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at SilTerra's official opening in 2001.
The idea of a totally Malaysian semiconductor capability was the brainchild of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Semiconductor chip development is the basis of every new technological advancement, without which, one is merely an assembler of chips. Tun Mahathir's vision was to have a strong technological foundation for the country as Malaysia aspires to become a developed nation, especially one that is able to spur advanced thinking in other areas; a catalyst that is able to influence and develop advances in a multitude of spheres.  

Wafer Technology Malaysia Sdn Bhd was formed in 1995, and with this in mind, construction of the fab started.  This business entity was later renamed SilTerra Malaysia Sdn Bhd in 1999.

SilTerra’s management and employees have gradually and steadily learnt the ropes in the wafer fabrication business and built up  their expertise through many strategic relationships while having been exposed  to the same market cycles that the global semiconductor market experiences. This provides a level of perspective rarely experienced by a Malaysian company, ie. to be truly global, where almost 100% of its revenue is international.

Since then, as a project of strategic national interest, SilTerra has undoubtedly established itself as a global player and is on its way to fulfilling the original aspirations of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.  

Corporate Profile


We aim to be the world’s trusted technology and manufacturing partner in bringing differentiated next-generation solutions to life.


We are committed to delivering world-class semiconductor technology and manufacturing excellence that provide value to our partners, customers and stakeholders. We recognize that our technology begins with our people and we strive to attract, develop and retain the best minds to work with us.

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