Mask Blanks and Photomasks for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Mask blanks and photomasks are essential in the production of semiconductor chips. They are the master plates used to transfer the minute, highly complex circuit patterns for semiconductors onto the wafers that become IC chips. In order to improve the circuit density of semiconductors, the development of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography is in progress. HOYA leads the development of products for EUV lithography and continues to support the innovation in the semiconductor industry.

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Photomasks for Flat Panel Displays

We research, develop, manufacture and sell photomasks used in the manufacture of flat panel displays (FPDs) such as LCDs and organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). HOYA started developing photomasks for LCDs in 1985 by applying its semiconductor photomask technology. In recent years, the quality of photomasks has been increasing year by year due to the development of 3D, 4K, 8K, and touch panels and smartphones.

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Glass Disks for Hard Disk Drives

HOYA’s glass substrates are used as recording media in HDDs (Hard Disc Drives). They are resistant to vibration and shock, and do not easily deflect even when made into thinner sheets, which contributes to an increase in the number of substrates per HDD and higher capacity.

In a data-driven world, demand for high-capacity HDDs, mainly for cloud computing, is increasing, and our glass substrates are growing at a high rate.

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Imaging Related Products
Optical glass/Optical Lenses

The data on glass composition included in our database amounts to as many as 50,000 pieces. As an expert in optical lenses, HOYA considers not only the optical properties but also the ease of processing of its products, and strives to develop higher quality products.

HOYA’s aspherical lenses are formed at high temperatures in metal molds from molten optical glass. Because of their sophisticated shapes, aspherical lenses offer excellent correction for aberrations, making it possible to shorten focal distances and reduce the number of lens elements.

Optics Division
Colored Glass Filters

HOYA provides colored glass filters for a wide range of fields such as cameras, optical instruments, physics and chemistry, educational materials, industrial and medical, with spectral characteristics and size according to the requirements. We also manufacture and sell electronic glasses mainly used in the electric and electronics industries.

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Laser Equipment/UV Light Resources

HOYA’s laser systems are supremely stable and consistent at handling laser output in a wide range of microprocessing applications, including LCD and semiconductor repair. UV curing technology serves a broad range of applications including sealing, bonding, and curing of electronic components and optical parts.