• GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited was founded in Hong Kong in October 2006, listed in November 2007 (3800.HK), included in the Hang Seng Composite Index and the HSML 100 Index in 2010, and put on the Forbes Global 2000 list in May 2012. The company is based in Hong Kong with administrative centers in Suzhou and Xuzhou; representative and branch offices in Xinjiang, Yangzhou, Changzhou, Wuxi, Funing, Ningxia, Sichuan, Beijing, and Taipei; and R&D centers in San Francisco, the Suzhou Industrial Park, and Xuzhou.   
    With “bringing green energy to life” as its mission, GCL-Poly is a globally leading developer and manufacturer of high-efficiency PV materials. It has a firm hold on the direction of development of these materials, consistently maintaining its position as a trailblazer in the areas of polysilicon and silicon wafer technology.

    Since being founded, GCL-Poly has been market-oriented and professional. It began operations with the technology-intensive material of polysilicon and gradually expanded to the downstream aspects of silicon ingots and wafers to complete its product structure. The company uses GCL Group’s massive-scale, industry-leading polysilicon production technique and has won a China Patent Award. Its silane-based fluidized-bed technology is protected with proprietary intellectual property rights. Moreover, its self-developed wet-method black silicon technology has driven the market in a high-efficiency, low-cost direction.   

    GCL-Poly has accomplished much in the area of PV materials, devoting itself to the industrial application of such cutting-edge technologies as those of cast mono ingots and black silicon. GCL-Poly’s GCL Cast Mono cells are a result of the company’s many outstanding achievements: low production costs, a high conversion efficiency rate, low light attenuation, and flexibility in size, all of which satisfy demands for custom projects and allow for more centralized resistivity distribution and high-adaptivity PERC cell production technology. These achievements have been strongly affirmed by the market.

    GCL-Poly views its personnel as its most important resource. Its development team boasts the best experts and professionals in the PV field. The team leadership is composed of Chinese and foreign experts. Its backbone consists of young scholars with backgrounds rich in research experience abroad. In addition, experts with master’s degrees and PhDs serve as a strong pillar of support. Our patents cover each major aspect of our polysilicon production process, forming a complete system of intellectual property protection. In addition, we have intelligent production plants and are exploring Industry 4.0 production modes. GCL-Poly subsidiary Jiangsu Zhongneng has been rated as a new high-tech company at the national level, an innovative enterprise of Jiangsu, and a new-energy industry base with special features for China’s Torch Program.

    GCL-Poly is actively responding to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “four revolutions and one cooperation” new strategy for safe energy. The company has always placed importance on energy technology innovation, energy conservation, and emissions reduction so as to lower energy consumption per unit of production for the PV manufacturing process while boosting production technology and the product conversion efficiency rate, which will in turn drive the entire industry’s advancement. As a PV-industry enterprise that has experienced technological advancement, industrial upgrading, market evolution, and a reshaping of the industry structure, GCL-Poly will embrace a new era of development with even greater strength and in a healthier, more ordered manner.



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