Hendon Semiconductors Pty Ltd, a division of Legend Corporation, has successfully obtained a $690k grant as part of the Federal Government's Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority Grant scheme. This grant will significantly contribute to Hendon Semiconductors' Defense Manufacturing Capability Modernization Project, aimed at upgrading its facilities and enhancing its production capabilities.

The project focuses on the acquisition of advanced manufacturing equipment that will greatly improve Hendon Semiconductors' Hybrid Integrated Circuit (HIC) and Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) production capabilities. Such enhancements will allow for the production of high-quality prototypes and small manufacturing runs of electronics, strengthening the company's sustainment services for the defense sector. By reducing its reliance on overseas partners and improving lead times, Hendon Semiconductors aims to accelerate defense innovation in Australia.

Brenton Judge, the Executive General Manager for Hendon Semiconductors, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, "I'm thrilled at the opportunity to fast-track Hendon's modernization, particularly in relation to our ability to quickly develop quality prototypes without the reliance on overseas partners, strengthening and significantly accelerating innovation in Defense and other industries in Australia - something we’re very passionate about."

The total investment in the project amounts to $1.6M, with matched funds from Hendon Semiconductors. This financial commitment will enable the company to procure and install state-of-the-art equipment such as PCB prototyping equipment, flying probe test systems, conformal coating machines, x-ray machines, and soldering robots. These cutting-edge tools will not only improve manufacturing efficiency but also enhance the overall quality and reliability of the products produced.

While the completion of the upgraded facility is expected by October 2024, most of the equipment is anticipated to be operational by early March. This accelerated timeline will enable Hendon Semiconductors to quickly leverage its new capabilities to meet the demands of the defense industry.

With the support of the grant, Hendon Semiconductor's modernized facility will be at the forefront of Hybrid Integrated Circuit (HIC) and Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) production in Australia. By investing in advanced manufacturing equipment, the company will significantly improve its ability to deliver high-quality products to the defense industry, strengthening the country's defense capabilities and promoting local innovation.

Hendon Semiconductors is a long-established electronic solutions provider located just outside Adelaide, South Australia. With a rich history dating back to 1959, Hendon Semiconductors has built a reputation for excellence in custom integrated circuit design and testing, applications design, thick film hybrid design and manufacturing, SMT and THT assembly of PCBs and modules, proprietary testing, and comprehensive quality control processes. The company is renowned as the innovation partner of choice for organizations developing electronics in Australia.

Legend Corporation, the parent company of Hendon Semiconductors, is a market-leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of products and accessories in various industries. With seven divisions operating under its umbrella, Legend is known for its best-in-class customer service and exceptional on-time delivery. The company specializes in engineering, testing, calibrating, and manufacturing integrated circuits (microchips) and electronic systems for high-tech industries such as electrical, defense, biomedical, and others.

The successful grant acquisition for Hendon Semiconductors is a testament to Legend Corporation's commitment to innovation and the continuous improvement of the Australian defense industry. By investing in the latest manufacturing equipment, Hendon Semiconductors is poised to further strengthen defense innovation in Australia and establish itself as a leading player in the production of Hybrid Integrated Circuits (HIC) and Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA).