Intel recently marked a significant milestone with the opening of Fab 9, its cutting-edge factory in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. This achievement is a result of Intel's substantial $3.5 billion investment aimed at equipping its New Mexico operations for the manufacturing of advanced semiconductor packaging technologies. These technologies include the breakthrough 3D packaging technology, Foveros, which provides flexible options for combining multiple chips optimized for power, performance, and cost.

In celebration of this accomplishment, Keyvan Esfarjani, Intel's executive vice president and chief global operations officer, highlighted the importance of this cutting-edge technology in setting Intel apart and providing customers with tangible advantages in performance, form factor, and design flexibility within a resilient supply chain. Esfarjani expressed his congratulations to the New Mexico team, the entire Intel family, suppliers, and contractor partners for their collaborative efforts in pushing the boundaries of packaging innovation.

The significance of Intel’s global factory network as a competitive advantage is underscored by the role it plays in enabling product optimization, improved economies of scale, and supply chain resilience. Fab 9 and Fab 11x facilities in Rio Rancho represent the inaugural operational sites for mass production of Intel’s 3D advanced packaging technology. This also marks Intel's first co-located high-volume advanced packaging site, streamlining the manufacturing process for a more efficient supply chain from demand to final product.

Fab 9 is poised to fuel the next era of Intel’s innovation in advanced packaging technologies, particularly as the semiconductor industry transitions into the heterogeneous era that utilizes multiple "chiplets" in a package. Advanced packaging technologies such as Foveros and EMIB (embedded multi-die interconnect bridge) offer a faster and more cost-efficient path toward achieving 1 trillion transistors on a chip and extending Moore’s Law beyond 2030.

Foveros, Intel’s pioneering 3D advanced packaging technology, enables the construction of processors with compute tiles stacked vertically, revolutionizing traditional side-by-side configurations. This technology also allows Intel and foundry customers to mix and match compute tiles to optimize cost and power efficiency, opening new avenues for innovation and development.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham lauded Intel’s investment in New Mexico as a testament to the state’s dedication to bringing manufacturing back to America. The investment not only supports the state’s technology landscape but also strengthens the workforce, benefiting thousands of New Mexico families. The $3.5 billion investment in Rio Rancho has resulted in the creation of hundreds of high-tech Intel jobs, more than 3,000 construction jobs, and an additional 3,500 jobs across the state, contributing significantly to the local economy.

Underlining its commitment to corporate responsibility, Intel has prioritized minimizing its environmental footprint as it expands operations to meet the rising demand for semiconductors. Fab 9 is on track to exceed its goal to recycle at least 90% of construction waste and is actively purchasing renewable electricity to meet 100% of its New Mexico electricity use. Furthermore, Intel has funded three nonprofit-led water restoration projects benefiting New Mexico watersheds, estimated to restore over 100 million gallons of water annually. These initiatives have played a pivotal role in returning and restoring more than 100% of New Mexico’s freshwater to the community and local watersheds, while also conserving over 500 million gallons of water at its New Mexico site.

Intel’s presence in Rio Rancho since 1980, with a cumulative investment of over $16 billion in capital, demonstrates the company's deep commitment to the region. Beyond business operations, Intel's engagement extends into the community, as evidenced by employees volunteering over 65,000 hours in New Mexico over the past five years. Additionally, Intel, the Intel Foundation, and its employees have donated more than $6.5 million to support local nonprofits and schools since 2018.

Intel is actively involved in the Rio Rancho community through volunteering, collaborations with nonprofits, and investments in education. For instance, the establishment of endowment scholarships among five New Mexico colleges and universities showcases Intel’s dedication to supporting workforce development and education in the state. Other initiatives, including internship programs, local associate degree programs, investments in STEAM education, and more, further underscore Intel’s commitment to fostering a strong and sustainable relationship with New Mexico.

Intel’s investment in the state of New Mexico, particularly the inauguration of Fab 9 in Rio Rancho, represents a significant leap forward in the semiconductor industry. Not only does it signal the advent of a new era in advanced packaging technologies, but it also demonstrates Intel’s unwavering commitment to innovation, corporate responsibility, and community engagement. Through these efforts, Intel is not only transforming the semiconductor landscape but also fostering economic growth and sustainability in New Mexico.