The latest findings from Jon Peddie Research indicate a potential rebound in the client CPU market, with Intel experiencing the most significant gains. In contrast, AMD faced a setback. However, the overall PC market has been struggling lately, with the global economy affecting CPU and GPU sales. Intel, in particular, has faced difficulties, reporting a significant loss of $2.8 billion in the first quarter of 2023. Despite this, there is some positive news regarding CPU shipments.

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In the second quarter of 2023, the number of CPU units shipped increased from 46 million to 53.6 million, representing a 17% growth. It's important to note that these figures encompass all CPU shipments, impacting both Intel and AMD. Laptops continue to dominate the market, accounting for 72% of shipments, with mobile processors taking a 72% share and desktop CPUs making up the remaining 28%. Integrated GPU shipments also experienced a 14% increase, which is not surprising since many processors come with integrated graphics capabilities.

When comparing Intel and AMD, Intel's CPU market share increased by 23% quarter-to-quarter, while AMD saw a decline of 5.3%. However, when looking at the previous year, both companies experienced significant drops. All client-based processors faced a 23% decrease, with desktop chips experiencing a 25% decline and laptop CPUs dropping by 22%.

It should be mentioned that these numbers reflect CPU shipments rather than sales. In terms of sales, AMD has achieved success in the German market with its Ryzen desktop CPUs, surpassing Intel. However, global sales figures are generally limited and infrequent, making it challenging to determine how the two manufacturers compare. It is widely recognized that AMD currently produces some of the best processors, which are often favored by gamers.

Looking ahead, it's uncertain whether Intel will continue to strengthen its position. AMD is not expected to release Zen 5 CPUs for another year, while Intel has plans for a rumored Raptor Lake refresh and Meteor Lake chips for laptops. AMD will focus on expanding its presence in the mobile segment with Phoenix APUs and Dragon Range CPUs, and there may also be releases of lower-end Ryzen desktop chips. Currently, Intel holds the advantage, but the market landscape will be intriguing to observe at the beginning of 2024.