Competition in the advanced die bonder market is growing more intense as major companies such as Besi, ASMPT, and Hanmi Semiconductor have all revealed their expansion plans specifically in the thermal compression (TC) bonder sector.

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TC bonders play a crucial role in bonding individual chips onto processed wafers. Their demand significantly increased with the introduction of high bandwidth memory and DDR5 technologies.

Recently, Hanmi Semiconductor inaugurated a new bonder factory solely dedicated to manufacturing TC bonders. This strategic move reflects their anticipation of a surge in demand for this particular product.

Samsung, for its HBM3 production, relies on equipment provided by Besi, whereas SK Hynix opts for those supplied by ASMPT.

Besi stands as the leading company in this field. Not only does it offer TC bonders, but it is also the sole provider of hybrid bonding die bonders—a distinct technology in the market.

On the other hand, ASMPT has expressed its expectation of substantial market growth in the TC bonder sector, particularly from 2024 onward. During its fiscal second quarter, the company generated 3.9 billion Hong Kong Dollars in revenue, with 20% of that figure attributed to advanced packaging.