Cloud companies are looking for ways to make the data centers more productive. Intel Corporation and Google Cloud announced the release of a jointly developed chip that can make data centers more secure and efficient.

Intel Architecture Day 2021 IPU Mount Evans ASIC Block Diagram

The E2000 chip, codenamed Mount Evans, takes the job of packing data for the network from the expensive CPUs that do the basic computing. It also provides better security between different clients that can share processors in the cloud.

Companies are using increasingly complex algorithms using ever larger datasets, while the performance gains of chips like processors are slowing down. Therefore, cloud companies are looking for ways to make the data center itself more productive.

While the new chip was co-developed with Google, Nick McKeown, head of the Intel Network and Edge group, said that Intel could sell the E2000 to other customers.

Google Cloud is starting to offer the E2000 in a new product called C3 VM, which will run on fourth generation Intel Xeon processors. Xeon chips are Intel's most powerful processors, and Google Cloud is the first cloud service to deploy the latest generation of these chips.