Sarawak is on a trajectory to establish itself as a prime hub for the semiconductor industry while cultivating top-tier talent within the sector. The state's strategic focus on talent development, particularly in IC design, aims to nurture a workforce that meets industry demands. Collaboration with key industry players underscores Sarawak's commitment to this initiative. Moreover, the state is delving into cutting-edge technologies, notably compound semiconductors, as part of its forward-looking approach.

A significant milestone was marked with the exchange of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult (CSA Catapult) on April 23, 2024, during the AI and Semiconductor Summit. Dignitaries present at this event included the Minister of Technology and Digital Economy, Mr. Saqib Bhatti MP, and the Right Honourable Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri (Dr.) Abang Haji Abdul Rahman Zohari bin Tun Datuk Abang Haji Openg.

Emphasizing entrepreneurship and innovation, the Sarawak government offers incentives for foreign direct investment through the Ministry of International Trade, Industry and Investment (MINTRED), and allocates resources for talent development in semiconductors via the Ministry of Education, Innovation and Talent Development (MEITD). These initiatives foster an environment conducive to startups and businesses, driving economic growth and providing job opportunities for the local workforce.

The Sarawak Premier officiated the launch of SMD Semiconductor in November 2022, a testament to the state's commitment to fostering sustainable economic growth. Under his leadership, strategic initiatives like the Sarawak Digital Economy Strategy and the Post-COVID-19 Development Strategy aim to propel the state towards being a developed entity by 2030. The MoU signings with various industry entities in 2023 highlight Sarawak's dedication to nurturing human capital in line with its long-term development objectives.

SMD Semiconductor, established in Kuching in November 2022, is a pivotal player in the semiconductor and chip design realm in the region. The collaboration with Melexis NV (Belgium) showcases SMD's dedication to driving economic progress by leveraging semiconductor opportunities. This move not only diversifies the region's economy but also propels Sarawak as a technological hub.

Policies championed by key figures like Abang Zohari underscore a conducive environment for corporate growth. Initiatives promoting research and innovation bolster Sarawak's position as an emerging hub for technology and economic prosperity. The focus on developing R&D capabilities aligns with the state's vision for technological advancements and renewable energy solutions.

The synergy between the government and businesses in Sarawak serves as a model for successful collaboration and sustainable growth. By fostering international partnerships and knowledge transfer, Sarawak is enriching its business landscape and upskilling its workforce.

Under the astute leadership of Abang Zohari, Sarawak's foray into Analogue integrated circuit (IC) design reflects a strategic investment in talent development and long-term growth. The state's commitment to cultivating a skilled workforce in this niche field promises a vibrant future for Sarawak's corporate landscape.

Looking ahead, Sarawak's focus on talent development underscores its dedication to positioning itself as a global leader in semiconductor innovation. The cascading impact of these strategic initiatives forecasts a promising future for Sarawak as a powerhouse in the semiconductor industry, driving economic prosperity and technological advancement at both local and global scales.