The Japanese government-backed chip foundry venture, Rapidus, is actively recruiting engineers from both within the country and overseas in an effort to revitalize Japan's chip industry. With substantial subsidies and the aim to mass-manufacture 2-nanometre logic chips, Rapidus is poised to compete with industry leaders like Taiwan's TSMC. The company, which has partnered with IBM and research organization Imec, faces the challenge of securing engineers in Japan, given its declining population.

Led by experienced chip industry executives, Rapidus aims to restore Japan's chip industry, which once held a significant global market share but has since decreased to about 10%. Despite Japan's leadership in chipmaking equipment and materials, the industry has lost prestige domestically.

Rapidus has encountered difficulties in attracting engineers, but it has begun successfully recruiting professionals who had previously left Japan to work abroad. As of November, the company has approximately 250 employees, including experienced individuals such as Masami Suzuki, a senior manager in the 3D package department, who expressed her commitment to the company's mission.

While Rapidus' plans are ambitious, some industry insiders have expressed skepticism regarding the company's ability to achieve mass production and secure a substantial customer base. Nevertheless, engineers like Naoto Yonemaru, lead engineer in the process technology department, are enthusiastic about the possibility of achieving this monumental goal.

Rapidus engineers, including Yonemaru, have begun to relocate to work with IBM in New York state as the fab is being constructed, reflecting their dedication to making this venture a success.