Silicon Box has revolutionized chiplet integration with its sub-5-micron technology, breaking the bottleneck in chiplet-based system packaging while achieving cost reductions of up to 90%. This proprietary fabrication method enables the company to package chiplets with the shortest interconnections, leading the way in semiconductor integration and providing cost benefits to its partners. According to Dr. BJ Han, CEO and co-founder of Silicon Box, their technology not only expedites chiplet design cycles, but also reduces the cost of new devices.

The company's sub-5-micron technology has resulted in significant advancements, including improved electrical performance by over 50% and reduced power consumption by over 40%. Dr. Han emphasized the importance of reducing thermal output, as it leads to less power required for cooling the device, ultimately reducing energy consumption.

Silicon Box has addressed the "missing link" in the movement towards chiplet adoption and is working to bring its technology to diverse industries and regions. Michael Han, the head of business at Silicon Box, highlighted the technology's potential to support various applications and its widespread interest across different industries and regions.

Silicon Box's efforts extend beyond technology, with the opening of a 750,000 square feet semiconductor factory in Tampines, equipped with a state-of-the-art production line. The company plans to bring the factory to full capacity and explore opportunities to replicate it in other high-demand locations. Silicon Box aims to advance chiplet integration for AI, high-performance computing, data centers, electric vehicles, mobile devices, and wearables, utilizing its current funding of US$410 million for these plans and projects.