STMicroelectronics announced the construction of a new 200mm silicon carbide (SiC) facility in Catania, Italy, for power devices and modules, aiming to start production in 2026 to reach full capacity by 2033 at 15,000 wafers per week, with a total investment of around EUR 5 billion, partially supported by Italy under the EU Chips Act.

The Catania Silicon Carbide Campus will become the core of ST’s global SiC ecosystem, covering substrate development, wafer fabrication, module assembly, R&D labs, and packaging, enabling mass production of 200mm SiC wafers in Europe. Presently, ST is manufacturing SiC products on 150mm lines in Italy and Singapore, with plans for a joint venture 200mm plant in China for Chinese customers.

ST's production sites in Morocco, China, and Sweden support the SiC wafer production and R&D activities, contributing to the global advancement of SiC technology. SiC, as a superior semiconductor material, is gaining popularity due to its enhanced performance and efficiency in power applications over silicon, aligning with the growing demands in various sectors such as new energy vehicles and photovoltaic storage. The global SiC Power Device market size was USD 3.04 billion in 2023, projected to reach USD 9.17 billion by 2028 with a 25% CAGR, indicating a significant expansion in the utilization of SiC power devices.