TSMC is committed to advancing Sustainable Development Goal No. set out by the United Nations, by optimizing energy and resource efficiency during semiconductor production.

TSMC's Wafer Cleaning Tool Hot DI Water Circulation System Evolution

The company has collaborated with suppliers to create a hot DI water circulation system for wafer cleaning tools, successfully reducing DI water usage by 80%. To create more energy-saving opportunities, TSMC developed "hot DI water circulation system 2.0" in 2022, which uses a modular design to reduce the system's footprint by 60%, improve tool retrofit efficiency by 90.5%, and increase tool modification flexibility. TSMC has successfully implemented the system's demo at Fab 12B, saving 24,000 tons of water and 388,000 kWh of electricity.

TSMC's Energy-saving Plan for Wafer Cleaning Tool Hot DI Water Circulation

The company aims to save 11.6 million tons of water and 450 million kWh of electricity by 2030, through full implementation on existing 12-inch wafer GIGAFABĀ® facilities. TSMC continues to reduce water and power used in semiconductor process and promote environmental sustainability through green manufacturing innovation.