The NSR-2205iL1 5x reduction i-line stepper, developed by Nikon Corporation, is a state-of-the-art lithography system designed for manufacturing various devices, including power and communications semiconductors, and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS). It offers compatibility with existing Nikon i-line exposure systems, allowing easy integration into current equipment and operations. This advanced system builds upon decades of Nikon's stepper innovations and expertise to deliver affordability and productivity for semiconductor devices, irrespective of the wafer substrate material. Orders are now being accepted, with sales set to begin in the summer of 2024.

As the demand for semiconductors in electric vehicles, high-speed communications, and IT devices continues to rise, specialized substrates and exposure systems are necessary to meet their complex functions. In close collaboration with customers, Nikon developed the NSR-2205iL1 to fulfill the specific requirements of a 5x i-line stepper.

The NSR-2205iL1 incorporates well-established Nikon technologies to enhance stepper productivity with a focus on yield optimization across various manufacturing processes. Notable features include high-accuracy wafer measurement utilizing multipoint autofocus (AF), advanced wafer stage leveling, and a large depth of focus (DOF) to maximize the process window. The system is compatible with different wafer sizes and thicknesses, exhibits high wafer warpage tolerance, and supports diverse production applications, including SiC (silicon carbide) and GaN (gallium nitride) processes.

Apart from improving manufacturing flexibility and affordability, the NSR-2205iL1 is designed for seamless integration with existing fab equipment and operations. Customers who already possess Nikon i-line exposure systems can utilize their current photomasks and wafer exposure recipes, while the NSR-2205iL1 can serve as a supplement or replacement for outdated steppers that no longer meet manufacturing requirements. The system also prioritizes sustainability and future maintenance, transitioning many previously custom-type components to commercially available ones to reduce supply chain challenges.

As Nikon continues to expand its lithography equipment portfolio, the NSR-2205iL1 showcases the company's extensive experience in stepper technology, providing a flexible, cost-effective, and sustainable solution that fully satisfies customers' current and long-term i-line processing objectives.


NSR-2205iL1 5x Reduction i-Line Stepper

System Overview

Resolution (nm)≤ 350 nm (*2)
Lens-NA (numerical aperture)0.45
Wavelength365 nm
Reduction ratio1:5
Maximum exposure area22 mm x 22 mm
Overlay accuracySMO *3:  ≤ 70 nm*2

*1 Mechanism that corrects the shift between the exposure image plane and the substrate surface during exposure by tilting the platform (stage) on which the wafer is placed.

*2 Annular; precision mode

*3 SMO (Single Machine Overlay): Overlay accuracy on the same NSR